Analyst Eightball: Multi-Colored iPhone 5S For June

Magic 8 ball

Every now and then, an analyst comes out and says things that are just so flat out insane that we'd be remiss not to mention them — if only so that we can point and laugh six months down the line when they get thoroughly debunked. For instance, this morning saw Jefferies analyst Peter Misek make an enormous, sweeping set of predictions about the next two generations of iPhone, including a multi-colored iphone 5S that would be out as soon as June and a new 4.8-inch iPhone 6. … [Read more...]

Analyst Eight Ball: Apple To Sell 48 Million iPads in 2012

When it comes to tablets, there is the iPad and then you have the rest of the pack. Amazon's Kindle Fire, Samsung's Galaxy Tab and the like have all seen what could be termed as minimal sales when compared to the iPad. When Apple releases the iPad 3 later this year, the bar will be raised yet again and analysts are weighing in on what that might mean for sales in 2012. … [Read more...]

Samsung Passes Apple In Revenue

According to the Guardian, this quarter has seen Samsung overtake Apple in revenue to become the largest smartphone maker in the world — but that analysis is based on some pretty glaring assumptions. The most important thing to note going into this is that this is for the last quarter — namely the one where Apple shares dropped even after record earnings because so many people were waiting on the iPhone 4S rather than the iPhone 4. So this hasn't exactly been a killer quarter for the iPhone. The other factor is that this isn't based on official numbers, but rather on those from an analyst: Although Samsung declined to give figures for its smartphone or feature phone sales, Jae Lee, a Daiwa Securities technology analyst, estimated that … [Read more...]

Analyst Eightball: iPhone 5 /iPhone 4S Sales To “Shatter” Single Day Records

We're now just a hair's breadth away from Apple's announcement of the next iPhone — be it iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. In just a shade over 24 hours, Tim Cook will take the stage at the Apple Campus in Cupertino and announce something...and in no time at all, we'll crash Apple's servers in order to buy it. Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White thinks that the demand here is so high that it's going to be absolutely huge. With 18 months of buildup and excitement instead of the 12 of previous launches, he thinks "pent up demand" will shatter the 1.7 million sales record of previous iPhones. Here's his full statement: We expect the iPhone 5 to get a makeover with a sleek, aluminum unibody enclosure that more closely resembles the MacBook Air … [Read more...]

Analyst Eightball: iOS 5 GM By End Of Month, N94 To Be iPhone 4S

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been talking to AppleInsider and in two posts has laid out what he thinks will be how the next few months will pan out. Kuo believes that the iOS 5 gold master will be sent out between September 23 and September 30 to assemblers to be installed on new hardware. His other piece of information is Apple will build 30 million "iPhone 5" units this year, it'll have 512MB RAM, and other than a slightly tweaked antennae, it'll look identical to the iPhone 4. The N94 model he's claiming will look just like the iPhone 4 except having a tweaked antenna to avoid the whole antennagate thing again. All other evidence of the N94 has been of a device that looks similar to the iPhone 4 — potentially an iPhone 4S — but … [Read more...]

Analyst Eightball: Verizon and Apple Negotiating Over New iPhone


Kaufman Bros.'s Shaw Wu sent a note to clients today stating that they believe Apple and Verizon are in talks over a CDMA iPhone, and that T-Mobile and Sprint may be in the works: From our checks with industry and supply chain sources and a recent SEC 10-Q filing by AT&T mentioning that exclusivity with "a number of attractive handsets" could end, we have conviction that the iPhone could likely finally be at another carrier besides AT&T here in the U.S. in 2011 and potentially at Verizon in 2011 or 2012... We believe the argument for AAPL to pursue Verizon sooner than later is to address the growing presence of Android. What better way to do that than where Android has seen the majority of its success? From our … [Read more...]