Insanely Popular POP Kickstarter Killed Due To Apple Lightning Restrictions [u]


Remember POP? It was a very popular Kickstarter project that raised three times what it was looking for to create a mobile charging station. Unfortunately, Apple's restrictions around the new Lightning cables means that the project has had to be cancelled, and the people behind POP are now having to find a new way of refunding all the money they gained. … [Read more...]

Apple Announces iPad mini Smart Covers

iPad mini Smart Cover

Apple today announced that iPad mini Smart Covers would be the first accessory available for the new smaller iPad. The Smart Covers are not yet available in the store, but will be priced at $39.00. The iPad mini is available for pre-order starting this Friday and the Smart Covers should be available for purchase. Color options for the iPad mini Smart Covers include black, blue, green, pink, gray, dark gray and Product Red. Smart Covers for the iPad mini are designed to offer protection from scratches to the display, without having to add a bulky case. It has the added benefit of turning on your iPad by simply folding back the Smart Cover. Likewise, it will also put the iPad mini to sleep when the display is covered. The … [Read more...]

Lightning Accessories Sell Out Amidst Claims Of Free Adapters With iPhone Purchase

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 7.09.54 AM

By far one of the most controversial aspects of the iPhone 5 is the switch to the new Lightning port from the old 30-pin dock. It's been called an "enormous insult", and it's been hard to gather what the adapters to handle the new port can actually do. However, that hasn't stopped their being a run on the Lightning related accessories, pushing back their availability. The Lightning to 30-pin Adapter has already sold out, and won't ship until October, and likewise the Lightning to USB Cable will take 2-3 weeks to head out. During the massive pre-order rush last night, some users were seeing that Apple was claiming to include a free adapter with the iPhone — which would be an awesome move on Apple's behalf. Unfortunately, under the cold … [Read more...]

iPhone Dusk To Dawn Dock Provides For A Distraction Free Sleep

Dusk to Dawn iPhone dock

Douglas Wood's 夜間night dock (translation: Dusk to Dawn) is not your typical iPhone dock. There is no speaker, nor is there a way to see the display, so it would be less then effective if you use your iPhone as an alarm clock. The 夜間night swallows the iPhone whole and in the morning, you'll have a fully charged device. Wood's thinking different about docks is directly related to how it handles notifications. With the iPhone barely visible, a notification will result in a pulsing light, a vast departure from the default glow. This is a not so subtle reminder that perhaps you should turn off your iPhone, preventing you from being disturbed by pesky notifications. This is great if you: a. Remember to turn off notifications (which might … [Read more...]

Clarion Next Gate is an iPhone controller for your car

Clarion Next Gate

Clarion today introduced the Next GATE, a product that is dubbed an in-vehicle intelligent controller for iPhone. Connecting to your iPhone using the dock connector, this takes the windshield space often taken up by a portable GPS. The aim of the product is to make easy to access apps using the 7-inch WVGA display. As for apps, Clarion has said that the Next Gate will launch with a handful of vehicle-friendly apps that includes TuneIn, Pandora, Vlingo, INRIXTraffic and  InfoGation. This also doubles as a Bluetooth calling device, supporting voice dialing and voice activation. The Clarion Next Gate will be available starting on June 1st, priced at $269.99. Clarion Debuts Next GATE, a Revolutionary In-Vehicle Intelligent Controller … [Read more...]

Spigen SGP GLAS.t for iPhone 4S Review

SGP GLAS.t Review

The iPhone screen protector industry has seen steady improvements in quality. You can select from wet application, dry application and the film themselves are also available in different finishes. Product quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it’s largely been the same product, often cut differently for the latest iPhone. Spigen SGP has a new spin on an old product with the release of Glas.t, marketed as a premium tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 4S/iPhone 4. Is it the same old, same old or are they on to something. Read on for our full SGP Glast iPhone review. … [Read more...]

Jawbone UP Review


As the iPhone accessories market matures, we're starting to see more that depart from the usual speakers, case and dock trifecta. The UP by Jawbone is both a departure for the company and a fairly new sort of iPhone accessory -- one that promises not just more convenient tech, but a better life. The UP is a wristband that's meant to track daily life -- sleep, diet and activity. Designed by Yves Behar, it's a lovely looking piece of technology, one that will complement any casual look. It pairs with a free iPhone app that keeps all that info trackable and easy to read. It stays fairly clean of sweat and debris, and is water resistant enough to be worn in the shower. It seems like the perfect solution for convenient health and habit … [Read more...]

Otterbox Claims Ignorance About Future iPhones

Screen Shot 2011-09-23 at 1.44.09 PM

Remember the leaked iPhone 4S case from Otterbox that appeared yesterday? Now Otterbox is claiming they don't know what Apple's planning, and that the box that found its way online was just a mockup. Otterbox's website has a huge banner image that says "iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Yes", and rather than it promising two types of cases, it's saying they don't know. As they mention when you click through: Of course we’re making a case for it! Like everyone else, we’re waiting to find out exactly what ‘it’ is. We’re eagerly anticipating the moment Tim Cook steps up to the podium to enlighten and delight us all. Whatever it turns out to be, we’ll have iPhone 4s cases or iPhone 5 cases for you! TUAW talked to Otterbox, and they say they have no … [Read more...]

Leaked Otterbox iPhone 4S Case Appears Online

large (1)

Adding even more fuel to the rumors that Apple is set to unveil two new iPhones next month, @ChronicWire has tweeted a series of photographs of a leaked Otterbox iPhone 4S case — that's right, they've branded it as the iPhone 4S. Here's what Chronic had to say: LEAK: Photos of the packaging for the new case, designating the name as "iPhone 4S" LEAK: Otterbox produces 3,000,000 cases in initial run for device designated "iPhone 4S" LEAK: Photo of the back of the package showing the iPhone 4S case, depicting new volume buttons, and on the right side New soft-looking volume buttons being on right side of iPhone 4S can probably be attributed to the "volume … [Read more...]