Should I buy the new iPad?

Should I buy iPad

As the dust has settled on the floor of the Yerba Buena Center after yesterday’s announcement of the new iPad, it brings up a number of questions for many folks. The most prevailing question being, “Should I buy the new iPad?” That’s a loaded question, so let’s run through the reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy the new third generation iPad. … [Read more...]

iPad 3 To Feature A5X Chip and Not A6?

iPad 3 logic board

For months, conventional wisdom coupled with a number of rumors, had Apple's forthcoming iPad 3 would feature the A6 system-on-a-chip processor. Supposed leaked iPad 3 parts clearly showed an Apple A5X chip, leading to speculation as to whether that was intended for the next generation iPad or perhaps destined for another iOS product such as the AppleTV 3.  All Things D weighed in today with information from BlueFin Research Partners analyst Steve Mullane, suggesting that the A5X is indeed the processor found inside the iPad 3 when it gets released. Mullane believes Samsung isn't equipped to manufacture 28-naonmeter core chips. … [Read more...]