T-Mobile Introduces Jump! Program Allowing Customers Quicker Upgrades

At a press conference held earlier today in NYC, T-Mobile continued their assault on the traditional carrier model, unveiling a program that accelerates upgrades. T-Mobile customers who enroll in Jump! have an opportunity to upgrade twice over the span of a calendar year. The first jump can take place anytime after a 6-month waiting period. Once you are a Jump! member for six months, you can upgrade at anytime during the following year. For example, let’s say you signed up for T-Mobile today and added Jump. You would be eligible to upgrade to a new phone on January 10th. You have an additional upgrade you can use at any time after that first upgrade. One day, week or month.


When you upgrade, one of the conditions is that you turn in your existing phone in ‘good working condition’. T-Mobile executives defined that as not having any water damage, turns on and does not have a cracked screen. T-Mobile hopes to create a robust aftermarket for refurbished phones. Phones that get traded in will then be certified by T-Mobile and sold at a discount. When you upgrade, you are relieved of past payments and take a new phone with payment plan based on T-Mobile’s uncarrier plans.

In addition to being able to upgrade, the Jump! program also serves as insurance for your device. All of this will cost customers $10 per month. If you like to have the latest and greatest, this seems like a fair deal. Credit to T-Mobile for creative ways to keep customers.

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