If you own a Sonos, then you have no doubt enjoyed the many benefits of streaming services and it’s ability to allow you to listen to music from your iTunes library to any or all of your Sonos system The trouble with this set-up is that it requires you have your computer always-on or you’ve setup a server for your music. The latter can be troublesome for new users, but the results are absolutely incredible. The Sonos controller app for iPhone (iPad version), allows you to play music from your library, without having to turn on a computer or even the Sonos. With the release of version 3.83, Sonos makes it so much easier to play your music, providing you with access to all of the content on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to stream music from your iPhone or iPad to Sonos.

Stream music from iPhone to Sonos

First things first, you are going to need to update your Sonos app to version 3.83. When you finish the update, Sonos will prompt you to update your Sonos hardware. This all happens over the air, which is incredibly well done and easy. The process takes no more than 30 seconds at which time your Sonos will reboot.

Sonos update

When you enter the main Sonos screen, you’ll see the familiar options including My Music Library. If things are setup correctly, you should see ‘This iPhone’ or ‘This iPad’. During my first run, it was no where to be found. Click the home button, then double-click the home button to bring up the multi-tasking tray. Press and hold the Sonos icon until you see the minus sign. Select it, which then effectively closes the app. Launch the app again and once again look for ‘This iPhone’ or ‘This iPad’.

Sonos iPhone

When you navigate ‘This iPhone’, you are viewing music files that exist on your iPhone. This means you can stream music, playlists directly from your iPhone. There are few caveats. Sonos will not support streaming of songs on iTunes Match and it requires music files be DRM-free in either MP3 or AAC format.

Sonos is a fantastic system that just plain works. With previous versions, you were tied to the dreaded requirement of having a computer on or setting up a complex system of having a server setup with a scheduled synchronization process. My current Sonos setup includes an HP EX495 running Windows Home Server 2011, which is always on and also hosts all of my movies for my HTPC using Plex. I utilize Chronosync on family computers to sync iTunes libraries to the server. While this works more often than not, there’s no discounting the simplicity of downloading a song and immediately being able to play it throughout your Sonos system. This latest update does just that and makes it easy to stream music from iPhone to Sonos. The best system for listening to music just got increasingly better and all it took was a move from 3.82 to 3.83. If you own a Sonos system, there are even more ways to enjoy the world’s best music system.