This week we find new ways to track our flight status, smash our way to gaming glory, mash up Miley & Katy and even find time for some amateur surgery. Join us we pilot our way through the apps of the week for March 15th, 2014.

Apps of the week

Flight – Live Status and Weather

Whether you are traveling for business, vacation or just coming home, most travelers will want to know the latest weather conditions. So if you happen to miss the Captain’s announcement, the new Flight – Live Status & Weather to glance & go weather along with all of your important flight track data.

Flight - Track Status & Weather

This app offers all of the relevant flight tracking data including flight date, terminal/gate numbers, airline and airplane information. Flight information is pulled from FlightStats. Where this differs from your typical flight tracker is in the execution of the interface. It’s simple, beautiful and uses gorgeous visuals that represents the local weather.

Download Flight – Live Status and Weather ($3.99)

Smash Hit

Let off some steam in this 3D world where you hurl steel balls at glass objects. A surreal gaming experience that mixes soothing sounds with the shattering sounds of breaking glass. Amazingly cool visuals and ultra-real breakage make Smash Hit a fun pick-up and play game.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is an odd combination of relaxing spa music combined with tap based destruction. It’s unique, fun and the graphics are extremely well done.

Download Smash Hit (Free)


What happens when you mix Miley Cyrus with Katy Perry? If you answered awesome, you’d be correct. I’m many things, but DJ is not one of them. Here’s where the magic of Crossfader comes into play. You don’t have to be good at mixing to create fun mash-ups using some of today’s top artists. Feel like mixing some Daft Punk with the Beastie Boys. Swipe them into the mix to make it happen.


A wonderful use of physics allows you to tilt the iPhone to give a boost to one of the two artists in your mix. Grab crossfader and you can add DJ to your resume. Who knew that DJ C was making an appearance in my house this morning?

Download Crossfader (Free)


DUDE! Skiing gameplay has never been so 8-bit, so retro than with Dudeski. Race down Shred Lord mountain, avoiding obstacles and racing to avoid the avalanche happening behind you. The game features four sections: the Top, the Forest, Yeti Valley and the Totem Trials. Replay value should be high with Dudeski, since you’ll never ski down the same slope twice.


It should also be noted that this game does not include any IAP (in-app purchases). Now that is Colorado cool, man! Here’s what people are saying about this radical new skiing game.

“…somewhere between the poetic dude-mantras and the game’s deep sense of penguin community, this game transcends regular mobile play and takes you down the mountain.”

“A retro graphics feel gives this game almost a nostalgic quality.”

Download Dudeski ($1.99)

Surgeon Simulator

Remember the old Hasbro game Operation? That game is child’s play compared to Surgeon Simulator for iPad. You’ll need a dark sense of humor as you’ll be handed a scalpel and other surgical instruments as you attempt to save poor Bob’s life.

Previously available for PC only, Surgeon Simulator has over 1 million players, many of who have shared their failed surgeries on YouTube. Are you ready to step in as Nigel Burke and perform your worst?

Surgeon Simulator

Download Surgeon Simulator ($5.99)

Lost Light

A new puzzle game from Disney, in Lost Light, you connect and match through the enchanted forest. Early reviews from this puzzler are positive with a perfect 5-star rating, with many calling it both fun and addicting. To celebrate the launch, Disney is offering the app at 66% off the price.

Lost Light
Download Lost Light ($0.99)

These our your apps of the week. The App Store is brimming with new apps each and every day. Did you spot a great new app this week that we missed? Share it in the comments!