SlingPlayer for iOS 7 Redesigned With Split-Screen, Social and Roku Streaming

Sling Media has updated their SlingPlayer for iOS apps today in a big way and they are available only on iOS 7. More than just an iOS 7 refresh, the new SlingPlayer apps feature a complete redesign and rethinking of how customers use their placeshifting app. There is a new emphasis on social and support for sending TV to the big screen using a Roku streamer, this in addition to AirPlay support. Now there are more ways to discover, experience and watch your content.

SlingPlayer for iOS 7

Available today, the popular Roku streaming player will offer a new SlingPlayer app, available free. Using the new SlingPlayer app for either iPhone or iPad on the same WiFi network, there will be an option to send content to a Roku. This provides a handy solution to customers who might want access to TV programming on an occasional basis, limited enough to where it would not warrant the monthly fees associated with a cable box. This could be a bathroom, kitchen or other. The iPad or iPhone apps become the smartphone remote controls for the Roku channel.

Sling Player for iPad offers a completely new experience as a result of the redesign. The new interface is part remote control, helping to filter content based on a customers personal TV lineup and helping with discovery of programming. Sports fans will enjoy an interactive interface featuring up to date statistics with individual and team leaders. A new social aspect allows for filtering of content based upon your personal social media network likes. SlingPlayer also lets you take part in live Twitter feeds related to a show.

Instead of positioning the app as a pure streaming player, SlingMedia is hoping users will use this more for second screen control. Being tied in with a users cable box might have significant advantages to other iPad remotes like the recently reviewed Roomie Remote.

The Roku channel is available today. Models supported at launch include Roku 3, Roku 2 XS and Roku 2 XD as well as the Roku Streaming Stick with support for Roku 2, Roku 1 and Roku LT models in the next week. A new SlingPlayer for Windows 8.1 will be available in December.

SlingPlayer is available for both iPhone and iPad, both individual purchases and require a SlingBox. Updating to version 3 is a free upgrade for existing customers.

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