We are just days away from WWDC 2013. These are big events and often bring exciting news in the form of new hardware and software, with next week’s event no different. Here is a look back at some of the highlights from Apple WWDC since 2007, when the iPhone was first announced.

Steve Jobs

WWDC 2012: Scott Forstall Announces iOS 6

Scott Forstall announces iOS 6, the latest software update that included over 200 new features. Forstall has since left Apple and much of the design changes we anticipate for WWDC 2013 could be the undoing of Forstall driven skeuomorphic design.

WWDC 2011: Steve Jobs Last WWDC Keynote: iCloud, iOS 5

In what would be his last keynote, Steve Jobs introduces iCloud, iTunes Match, Photostream and iOS 5.

WWDC 2010: Steve Jobs Intros The iPhone 4

Steve Jobs announces the iPhone 4, featuring a completely new design with glass back.

WWDC 2009: Phil Schiller Intros The iPhone 3GS

Phil Schiller announces the iPhone 3GS or should I say iPhone 3G S. Panned by some, this iPhone brought the speed and included support for videos.

WWDC 2008: Steve Jobs Introduces The iPhone 3G

Steve celebrates the first birthday of iPhone and introduces the follow-up, the iPhone 3G. With the introduction, Steve Jobs demonstrates the speed differences between EDGE and 3G. Both painfully slow, with EDGE taking 59 seconds to download a NatGeo page.

WWDC 2007: Steve Jobs Introduces The iPhone

Nothing could prepare us for this Tuesday in early January of 2007. There had been rumors of an Apple phone, there was no credible evidence that it was actually going to happen. Back then, our site was everythingiPhone.com, a small community that was barely 7 months old. Suffice to say, our shared hosting plan wasn’t enough to deal with the onslaught of traffic. This is the moment where it all started. No event has reshaped mobile more than the iPhone did back in 2007. It’s Steve being Steve. It just doesn’t get any better.

Expectations are that we won’t see a new iOS device announced next week. Apple broke that yearly cycle of iPhone announcements in 2011. Later that year, Apple announced the iPhone 4S at a special event. Less than a year later, a similar special event saw the iPhone 5 announcement. The last two years have seen the focus shift to software and services. iOS 5, iOS 6 and iCloud have been on the forefront. If the pattern continues, iOS 7 will be front and center.

While excitement will be high for WWDC 2013, these events will never be the same without Steve.