Significant Update Coming To Navigon’s MobileNavigator

Navigon, makers of the MobileNavigator (iTunes link), have submitted a rather impressive update to the App Store. They appear to be raising the stakes when it comes to GPS Navigation on the iPhone. Earlier this month, the company added live traffic updates and now more goodness is coming.


  • Enhanced Pedestrian Mode: It features a new user interface and uses the digital compass built into the iPhone 3GS. The map now automatically moves with the user making it easy to recognize in which direction to walk.
  • Google Local Search: Users can easily find their way to new places. Simply entering “pizza New York,” for example, provides a comprehensive list of pizzerias in New York. By clicking on one of the search results, users are guided to the destination.
  • Navigate by Geographical Coordinates: Navigate using latitude and longitude, and email those coordinates to others.

No word on when these will be approved by Apple, but they will be a free update to existing Navigon customers. As for the promotional price of $69.99 (iTunes link), that offer ends today when the price goes back to $89.99. Looking for feedback from a few Navigon customers? Check out this review at or visit this forum discussion.

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