Sh*t Fanboys Say About the iPhone and iPad

Sure the Internet is filled with trolls who by definition are looking to provoke and disrupt a forum or comment thread. When you peel away a layer of the Internet and visit their natural habitat, you can get a rare glance at the belief system of fanboys. You would be amazed at some of the sh*t they actually say and believe. For your viewing pleasure, we bring you a few gems from the World Wide Web.

Sh*t Fanboys Say

#1: I’m not sure that Verizon is going to push the iPhone that hard.

#2: Seems kind of useless. I could buy a really good netbook or a semi-decent laptop for the price. Not too mention it would do about 5x more then the iPad can do. 90% of the sales will be due to the apple logo and have nothing to do with the product.

#3: With Apple constantly trying to catch up to Palm/HP, will HP do what it takes to stay ahead of the Fruit Phone?

#4: I wouldnt call us fanboys… just… the all knowing ones…. We have the power to see through the shiny exterior of all apple products and realize that they blow hard.

#5: For any device that has a user-replaceable memory card, one can easily copy porn on a separate MicroSD memory card and hide it from his wife or girlfriend. With the iPhone, the only way to load porn is through iTunes, and the skin flicks must remain in the iTunes application library because deletion from the Movies library will delete the track from the iPhone when it syncs. With the iPhone you can never hide your favorite porno movies from your wife/girlfriend if she gets her hands on your phone, and if she ever peeks into your iTunes Movies library you’ll get caught. Any other device will work. During the day, for example, you can use the HTC Evo 4G and capture the Leave-It-To-Beaver moments with the wife, kids, dog, etc., but after she leaves with the kids to the supermarket, you can swap out the MicroSD memory card for some fun while she’s away, and when she returns you can switch back the memory card and there will be absolutely no proof of what you watched while she was away.Try doing that with an iPhone!

Editor’s Note: Names and sources have been removed to protect the crazy.

Let me see if I have this straight:

  • Verizon is not going to push the iPhone.
  • 90% of those buying an iPad do so because it has an Apple logo. Otherwise, they’d opt for a netbook, a device that allows you to do 5 times as much.
  • Apple is playing catchup to HP.
  • These aren’t “fanboys”, but individuals with superhuman powers to see through the shiny exterior of Apple products.
  • You are less likely to get caught with porn if have a phone with removal storage.

It’s tough to say who wins the crazy this week. On the flip side, who is the least crazy? Does removable storage porn guy have a point?


  1. Tyger says

    “90% of those buying an iPad do so because it has an Apple logo. Otherwise, they’d opt for a netbook, a device that allows you to do 5 times as much.”

    Given the fact that you need a computer to sync and update your iPad, I would venture to guess that a large percentage of iPad owners already have a notebook or netbook.

    “Does removable storage porn guy have a point?”

    No, he is speaking from superhuman ignorance.
    You don’t have to put your files in itunes to view them on your idevice. There are plenty of apps that allow you to store, view, and password protect files from being seen by Ms. Right(now).

  2. IllusionEntity says

    I think the iPad guy has a point. Not about the logo ans crap. But people buying it because it is apple. Don’t get me wrong. The iPad is great. But is kinda useless/ pointless.

    • Hawk says

      I have to disagree with you. More than anything else, the iPad is a great business tool- especially when you don’t need to haul around a laptop because a laptop would be over-kill and a smartphone just shy of being enough. I know many execs that now use the iPad and they tell me they wonder how they ever got along without it. These are people that arent using them recreationally either.

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