In previous iPhone guides, we’ve shown you a number of ways to fix battery life, along with several ways to improve your battery life. One thing we have yet to touch is the best method of monitoring your battery life. By default, Apple provides a small graphic of a battery. As you use your iPhone, you’ll see less and less of the solid white color. By itself, this makes it incredibly difficult to manage battery life. In just two steps, you can add a percentage indicator. Here’s how to show iPhone battery percentage.

iPhone battery percentage

iPhone Battery Percentage Setting

The default setting in iOS is to display the battery at the top right on your iPhone. As you slowly deplete your battery, it will graphically represent the remaining battery life. Thankfully, just a minor change in settings will provide you with an accurate reading.

1. Open Settings. Tap on General > Usage.
2. Toggle Battery Percentage to ‘On’ (green).

Battery percentage

By switching to battery percentage, you’ll have a better understanding of how much battery life you have left. Apple should have left this as the default option, but it’s easy enough to make the change. Not only is it helpful, by monitoring the percentage, it makes it easier to get an idea of usage.