Shazam for iPhone Update Will Recognize Music Even If Phone Is Locked

Shazam, the app that can recognize music and let you know the track title and artist, received an update today. Version 7.3 of Shazam continues to refine what has become the standard in its genre, capable of identifying music in as little as a second. Chances are that you’ve used Shazam more than once during your iPhone ownership and you’ve probably been late on the draw a handful of times. Just as a song you were hoping to identify is ending, you launch the app. The developers of Shazam feel your pain. Better yet, they created a little bit of magic with this update. With Auto Shazam, the app works continuously in the background, recognizing popular music and television in your surroundings.

Shazam for iPhone

Once you enable this feature, you don’t have to worry about racing to find Shazam in time. Whether you are community, watching TV or at party, Shazam is hard at work and doesn’t require you unlock your iPhone. This feature should work well when you are driving and unable to use your iPhone.

Shazam lock screen

Other features in this version include the capability to share Shazam Tags with friends on WhatsApp. You can also pin Shazam Tags on Pinterest.

Shazam (free) is available for download from the App Store.

Source: App Store via Engadget

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