Tucked inside the Messages app in iOS 8 are new features that make it one, if not the best text messaging app. It’s not even fair to call it a text messaging app, since it’s so much more allowing you to quickly send short videos, photos and audio clips. One other useful feature found in iOS 8 lets you send a map of your location. Your iPhone can help you solve the age-old problem of two people trying to answer the question, “Where are you?” No longer will you need a long, convoluted message with mysterious landmarks. Just a single message, with map to your exact location. That’s technology, working for you. Here’s how to send a map of your location using Messages in iOS 8.

Share location Messages iOS 8

How to send current location using iMessage

First, you’ll need to open up a new or existing message thread with the person you’d like to share your location.
1. Tap on Details at the top right. Messages will attempt to retrieve the location of that contact. If they are sharing their location, you’ll see a map.
2. Under Location, you have two options. Tap on ‘Send My Current Location’. Messages will triangulate your location and immediately send a map to your contact.

Send current location Messages

Tip: This option is a one-time share of your location. Once you leave that location, the user will not be able to track you down, unless you choose ‘Share My Location’. How’s that for a segue into the next tutorial?

My location

How to share your location using iMessage

In the previous guide, we sent our current location. The sharing option allows continuous tracking, sort of like Find My Friends, but within the Messages app.

1. Open Settings > iCloud > Advanced > Share My Location.

iCloud Share My Location settings
2. Open the Messages app and find the contact for which you’d like to share your every move (more on that in a bit) and tap on Details at the top right. If they are sharing their location, you’ll see a map.
3. Under Location, you select the second option ‘Share My Location‘.

Share my location
4. Select one of three options: Share for One Hour, Share Until End of Day Share Indefinitely.

Share location time
5. Under location, you should see the text “Stop Sharing My Location”. Next to it is a countdown that started from when you started location sharing.

How to stop sharing your location

There are a few ways to stop sharing your location. For the purpose of this guide, we’re focusing not on the wider location services used by apps like Yelp, Twitter, etc. This is geared towards making sure you are not sharing with friends, family or your crazy ex.

Messages and Find My Friends are two apps that make use of the share my location feature. You can disable this feature globally. Open Settings > iCloud > Advanced > Share My Location. Toggle to Off (Gray).

If you were previously sharing your location with a contact, here’s how to stop it. Once again, find the contact and tap on Details. Select the red text ‘Stop Sharing My Location‘. Tap on it and you are no longer sharing your location with that contact.

The Messages app has always been a useful app and one that most people use daily. The new and improved iOS Messages app is supercharged. The great news is that despite all the awesome new features, the interface remains simple and uncluttered. Using the two locations options available, you can either send your current location or share you location. The distinction being either a one-time share versus sharing either for a prescribed time limit or indefinitely.

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