As you start adding and subscribing to calendars, you might find there are a number of instances where you might want to share a calendar. Like we covered earlier, most folks have multiple calendars, with each geared towards a specific to groups of similar events. There may be members in your family or business associates who would benefit from having access to the same calendar. For these sort of calendars, it makes sense that one person is the keeper of the calendar, while allowing access to others. You could make it public, but often you don’t want personal information available to anyone. Fear not, Apple makes this very easy, thanks to iCloud, which by the way, is a requirement for sharing. Here’s how to share a calendar in iOS.

share a calendar in iOS

How to share a calendar in iOSĀ on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the Calendars app on your iPhone.
  2. There are different calendar views, but the constant is a row of links at the bottom. Tap on Calendars
  3. Scroll to the ICLOUD section and locate the calendar you would like to share.
  4. Tap on the ‘i’ at the far left.
  5. Under the header SHARED WITH, select Add Person.
  6. Type the email address of the person. If you want to share with multiple people, select the ‘+’ in a circle and continue to add email addresses. When finished, select the ‘+’ at the top right.

Share calendar

You’ll now see a listing of folks can have access to your shared calendar. Initially, they will be listed as pending, awaiting their acceptance. They will receive an invite via email asking to join a calendar. Once they click on the green join link, they’ll need to login to iCloud.

join shared calendar

Once they join your shared calendar, you’ll receive a notification on your iPhone or iPad confirming their acceptance of your invite.

When it makes sense to share your iOS calendar

  • Prevents unnecessary duplicative work.
  • Easy, fast sharing.
  • Accessible from your iOS devices, Mac or PC or the Internet.

If you are using iCloud and Calendars, you may want to consider sharing calendars with your significant other, your kids or work associates. It’s a great way for groups to keep on schedule by sharing important dates and events.