Just days away from Valentine’s Day, it is time to think about gifts, cards, chocolate, dinner reservations and flowers. With Valentine’s Day landing on a Friday this year, most of you are mired in the middle of the work week. Whether it’s your best girl, guy or your Mom, your iPhone might be the most effective way to send flowers. Here are a few apps to help you order flowers or edible treats using your iPhone.

Order flowers iPhone apps

If You Want To Send Flowers, These Apps Can Help


Using the official ProFlowers app, you can choose from an assortment of arrangements. The app is very visual, so you can easily get an idea of the the floral arrangement. All include a glass vase, while some arrangements include chocolate or a teddy bear. Each choice provides a description of what’s included. If you login with Facebook, ProFlowers will import your address book. It will also alert you of upcoming events from Facebook. Likewise, you can access contacts from directly on your iPhone.


The app looks sharp, but there are a few drawbacks. For one, the main menu has a field for Radio/TV promo code. That’s great if you happen to see a commercial or hear an ad. For most, it’s a reminder of a discount that you likely don’t have. It should be noted that if you use ‘vdayapp‘, you’ll receive 15% off your order. In a future update, they should simply push promotions to the app.

When you first enter the app, it shows you all products. ProFlowers suggests you refine products based ‘how you would like them to feel’. You can choose from Desired, Encouraged, Celebrated, Appreciated or Comforted. Count me among those a bit creeped out by the ‘Perfect for Moms’ selection appearing under Desired. If you shop the app, you’ll notice the flower selections are different from the website, which I found odd. There are more flower selections on the website, but you won’t find the arrangements in the app?

Overall, the app is nicely done. In some ways, perhaps the lack of choices is preferred, since it’s easy to narrow down a selection. Prices also appear to be very fair and that’s before the coupon code is applied.

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If you are looking to break the bank, this app is for you. They list the ‘Love Affair’ flowers, which presumably include a dozen red roses, for the low-low price of $129.95. Unless these are magical roses that never die, I’d recommend you take a pass on this app.


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The other big name in online florists is 1-800-Flowers. Their app offers all sorts of gifts, letting you shop by occasion, type of gift and more. For example, you can select ‘Same-Day Delivery’ and choose a sub-category for the event ie. Birthday, Get Well, etc. Some arrangements can be purchased in different sizes as well. There are an abundance of choices, which is good, but the app itself feels dated.

800-Flowers iPhone app

If the overwhemling assortment of choices is to much to process, the app has a tab dedicated to calling them. After all, this is 1-800-Flowers. Prices appear to be on the high side, but it’s possible you are getting more flowers.

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Mobile Florist

This app taps into the huge network of 15,000 FTD florists. Buttons let you select from categories including Most Popular, Valentines, Flowers, Roses, Under $0 or browse all. This app looks like a bad Windows Mobile 5.0 port and acts like one. Tapping on categories will result in the button pulsing before delivering a list of products. It’s hardly the type of app that instills the confidence you need before entering your credit card. FTD is a recognized network of florists and if you’ve had wonderful arrangements sent or received, the app will save you time. For a company whose main business is creating beautiful arrangements, they clearly did not bring that mantra to their app development.

FTD flowers

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How to send edible arrangements, treats with iPhone

Flowers are beautiful and fragrant, until their not. Let’s face it, the shelf life of any arrangment is no more than a week, at best. And if the one you love has cats, some of those flowers might be toxic for kitty. If you’re looking for an alternative to flowers, why not send a delectable treat. Edible Arrangements is one of the more popular services, but they don’t currently offer an app. Their website is built using responsive design, so it’s iPhone friendly.

Sharrie's Berries

Shari’s Berries

Another option is to use Shari’s Berries. Their app is first rate and offers an array to tasty fruits and treats. You can order fresh dipped strawberries, hand-decorated cake pops and more. So while flowers are pretty, would the one you love perfer a strawberry dipped in milk with white swizzles. And guys, if we’re being honest, that’s certainly something you can enjoy as well.

The entire ordering process is done through the app. You can enter a card message and it allows you to use your existing iPhone contacts for a speedy checkout. If you opt-in, the app will notify you of upcoming birthdays and holidays. The products were affordable, with some arrangements starting at $19.99. (6 Swizzeled Strawberries).

Download Shari’s Berries

These are all free apps. As a reminder, sending flowers is not free and even though these apps can save you time, expect to see floral arrangements get their seasonal price increase as a result of Valentine’s Day. My best advice is to go with what’s worked for you in the past, but use the app for added convenience. If you opt for edible treats, Shari’s Berries is great app that offers options for every budget. Edible Arrangements doesn’t have an app, but their mobile site is first rate. When it comes to iPhone apps for ordering flowers, ProFlowers offered the best user experience, good prices and easily the best design of the bunch.