We have previously covered how to block calls on the iPhone. There are however times when legitimate calls comes through, but you are busy in a meeting, at a movie or simply not in the mood to chat. There are a few ways to handle this simple, yet effective task to send calls straight to voicemail on iPhone and here’s how. Updated: February 19th, 2015

When the call comes in, your iPhone will ring or vibrate. If you setup custom ringtones for specific callers, you’ll be able to know who is calling without even pulling your iPhone out of your pocket or purse.

calls to voicemail on iPhone

  1. Press the sleep/wake button once to silence the ringtone.
  2. Press the sleep/wake button a second time to send the call directly to voicemail. When you do this, the caller won’t hear additional rings, instead being escorted to your voicemail.

Tip: The sleep/wake button on the iPhone 6 is on the right side of the phone. On all previous models, it’s on the top right of the phone.

When friends and family call, it’s not always the ideal time. Advanced calling features allowing you to advise them via text message as to why you cannot take their call. Alternatively, if it’s a telemarketer, it’s best that you set up your iPhone to block their calls. Whether it’s your boss, friend or family member, use the tip above to quickly send them straight to voicemail.