The Sena UltraSlim iPhone Pouch serves a very specific purpose, and serves it well. It allows for the iPhone’s aesthetically pleasing sight and feel to be maintained, without the fear of scratches when put in the pocket. It is made for the iPhone 4 and 4S with a separate model available for the iPhone 3G. Read on for our comprehensive Sena Ultraslim Pouch review.

Those who wish they can use their iPhone both without a case and without fear of scratching it every time it’s placed in the pocket will enjoy this pouch. While invisible shields and other plastic slim shields are popular to fit this need, they often remove the delight of feeling skin to glass while using the iPhone. I find enjoyment in being able to use the iPhone without a case, as it was designed and meant to be used, while still feeling safe it is not being scratched when I place it in my pocket. The tailoring is done to provide a snug fit. This keeps your iPhone 4, 4S, or 3G from falling out if you happen to take it out of your pocket upside down. After using the case for a few months, the fit is as strong as it was the day I purchased it. There is a very easy method to remove the iPhone from the case. Simply grab the exposed iPhone on both sides and pull while holding the pouch from both sides with your other hand.

There are some downfalls. Mainly, if you are unlucky enough to let your iPhone fall-down (as in drop it), don’t expect this case to provide much in the area of fall protection. It is extremely minimalist and as mentioned before, its primary use is for scratch protection. Another small con to using this case is that when it rings, you will need to not only take it out of your pocket, but also take it out of the pouch to answer a call or use the iPhone.


The case is made of genuine leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside. Sena, the company who designed, manufactures, and sells the cases, claim each one is individually hand crafted. The UltraSlim case is offered in a variety of colors, 18 to be exact. They range from regular leather black and brown, to gold and sliver. You can find this case in the Apple Store for $29.99, though expect colors to be limited there. For some of the more exotic options, ordering online may be your best bet, but don’t expect to find it for any less expensive.

There are holes cut out over both the microphone and speaker to allow for sound to travel in and out while the iPhone is in it’s case.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch for iPhone 4

The mute toggle, headphone jack, and sleep-wake button are all accessible while in the case.

If put into the case upside down, the 30-pin connector is accessible.


  • Upholds iPhone Design Aesthetics
  • Real, Tough Leather
  • Good Design, Snug Fit
  • Mute, Sleep/Wake, Headphone Jack Accessible While in Case


  • Virtually No Fall Protection
  • Removes Instant Access – One More Step to Use
  • Fairly Expensive for a Pouch

This case is for you if you are looking for a method to use your iPhone bare, without shields, and while still being able to protect against potential scratches. If you are worried about protecting from drops or need instant access, you may want to explore other options. At $29.99 this case seems on the high side, but I have found the leather to be holding up extremely well. It seems genuinely made and has a high quality look and feel. In the Sena UltraSlim’s case, you get what you pay for.