Reminders in iOS 7 can be extremely useful, with an abundance of settings that include location, time and category. If you are creating reminder lists without any schedule attached to them, they can easily get lost in the sea of reminders. Your entire grocery list might not be a ideal for a time-based reminder, but maybe you’re running low on cat food. The thought of kitty serenading you at midnight to fill his or her dish because you failed to pick up food is a good enough incentive to make sure that to-do list item is checked off. Whether it’s an important phone call, something critical for work or simply picking up cat food, scheduling reminders can be a worthwhile endeavor. Here’s how to search, view and schedule┬áreminders in iOS 7. Also included are a few tricks for finding your reminders in iOS 8, thanks to the all new spotlight feature.

Schedule Reminders in iOS 8

Schedule Reminders in iOS

To create a schedule reminder in iOS 7, follow these easy steps.

  1. Tap on the list where you’d like to create your new reminder.
  2. Tap on the next free line and the keyboard will pop up. Begin typing your reminder.
  3. As you start typing, you’ll notice an ‘i’ with a circle pop up to the right of your reminder. Finish typing and then tap on the ‘i’.
  4. Toggle ‘Remind me on a day’ to On.
  5. Enter the date and time for your alarm.
  6. If this is a re-occurring reminder, you can set the option to repeat. Options include: Never, Every Day, Every Week, Every 2 Weeks, Every Month, Every Year.

Create scheduled reminder

What happens next? The alarm function will trigger on your iPhone or iPad (or both) at the time you set.

Scheduled Reminder Alarm

Mac users will also see the reminder pop-up on their screens. With scheduled reminders, you’ll always be alerted of critical to-list items and your feline friend will be happy that you didn’t forget to pick up cat food.

iOS 8 Reminders Tip: A new custom option is included when you select ‘Repeat’. This enables you to change the day of the reminder. So for example, you can set a custom repeat to fire based on the frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.), every (# of weeks) and the day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) the event will occur.

View Reminders In iOS

The primary view in reminders looks like sheets of lined paper, with a title on each. Tapping on any of the lists will bring up that list of reminders. What confuses some folks is how to return back to all of your lists. If you tap on the header of that virtual sheet of paper, you’ll return to the main list view.

Searching and Viewing Scheduled Reminders

If you are like me, you’ve got a ton of lists. As you scroll down, you’ll see nothing but these ‘sheets of paper’. lf you scroll to the top, it’ll reveal the search feature. Tap in the search field to begin searching only your reminders. As you type, iOS will provide a live update of associated reminders.

Search, view reminders

View Scheduled Reminders Only

As we’ve illustrated above, scheduled reminders are typically those which are mission critical. A quick way to view these is to scroll to the top and tap on the alarm clock icon. This will bring up a list of schedule reminders only. Yet another way to search reminders is to use spotlight. From anywhere on your iOS device, tap on the screen and drag down to reveal search. This is a global search that includes reminder items.

Reminders can be extremely effective at boosting productivity or simply reminding you to pick up cat food. Using scheduled reminders attaches a time and in some cases a location to your reminder. They are easy to view in the app and will alert you at the time and date you set.

How are you using time-based reminders?