Samsung ‘Health Event’ To Take Place One Week Before Apple’s WWDC

Samsung has sent out invites for a May 28th event that will be centered around ‘health’. This will take place in San Francisco, a week before Apple’s WWDC, also in the city by the bay. It’s unclear if this a new product or somehow related to the companies existing health products. Samsung recently launched the Gear Fit, a wearable device for fitness users and their Galaxy S5 features S-Health, an app that can also provide health related data. Engadget writes that their invite came from Samsung’s Semiconductor arm, indicating that it could more than likely be for new sensors or components. A new health oriented wearable or smart device would likely do little to endear them to customers who dropped hundreds on a Fit or S5.

Samsung Health event

The invite reads,

“A new conversation around health is about to begin.”

It will also begin a week later, when Apple could debut the rumored Healthbook application in iOS 8. Reports earlier today suggest it may get pushed to iOS 8.1, due to the increasing importance of changes coming in Mac OS 10.10, which they would like to be ready for June 2nd. At some point this year, it’s also expected that Apple will introduce the iWatch, likely to include sensors that monitor critical health information and fitness activity.

Apple’s WWDC keynote gets underway on June 2nd.

Source, photo credit: Engadget

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