Samsung is back with yet another round of ads that target the iPhone. Supporting the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, the newest ad shows a graduation pool party filled with kids and adults, all of whom are carrying either a new Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5. I’m using the term adults, but clearly that’s not the message that being conveyed. Samsung is continuing to beat the drum that the iPhone is for old folks, while the Galaxy S4 is for young kids who appreciate “smartphones that are smarter than other smartphones“. The commercial does a good job of pushing that message while highlighting the key features of their new S4, none of which could be considered game changing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ad

Samsung has made strides in the past few years, creating what so far has been a two-horse race in the smartphone marketplace, so it’s not surprising to see them go with what’s worked in the past. That even extends to hardware, with the physical look and feel making it a dead ringer for the previous generation S3. It has a faster processor, slightly larger display and better camera. It’s Samsung’s version of an ’S’ upgrade. From a hardware perspective, consumers will be hard pressed to notice the difference between the S3 and the S4. The play here is to win customers with software features; features not found on an iPhone or any phone for that matter. Do these features really sell phones and would you buy a phone based on any these?

It’s seems that Samsung has built the perfect phone for eating ribs. Clearly there was a void in the smartphone market for people who needed to answer urgent calls while eating a rack of baby-back ribs. Not only that, I cannot be the only one who wishes I could lotion up at the beach and read an incoming text message without getting Coppertone all over my iPhone. This is a real earth shattering problem here folks and Samsung has nailed it.

Another new feature is Drama Shot, were the camera will take successive burst shots to create one image. Admittedly, this is a neat feature and something you’d find in a theme park. It’s not an everyday use feature and I’m not even sure if it’s something I’d find useful, at all. Some might if there isn’t an app available in the App Store yet, I suspect it won’t be too much longer until we see something available for the iPhone. Sort of like the countless remote control apps that allow you to control your TV.

As we swing into graduation season, this commercial is both timely and well done. At 1:30, they’ve managed to highlight a few of their new features and position the iPhone as older technology, for older folks. That’s the message and one that seems to be working for Samsung. Are these kitschy features or do they translate to real innovation in smartphones? Samsung’s bigger issue might not be the iPhone, but convincing consumers who want a Samsung phone to opt for the more expensive S4 or the previous generation. One thing is for certain, they will capture that robust market of rib eating smartphone users.