Rumors Continue To Mount About Apple Newsstand

Meet the story that will not quieten down. Rumors continue to increase that Apple will finally be instituting some sort of subscription version, or possibly a digital newsstand, which would allow magazine and newspaper content to be downloaded automatically.

Sports Illustrated’s app can only be read in landscape position. You know why? Because they’re too poor to hire the extra graphic design people, because they can’t rely on subscribers for funds.

Why not add more designers? Well, if we were able to build a real business, with subscriptions that offered our iPad versions to readers at a reasonable price, that would be a no brainer.

So it seems a number of magazines are having issues with the lack of subscriptions for the device.

Luckily for them, the fix may be in the works. The WSJ is reporting that Apple’s digital newsstand could be up in the next month or two, mirroring other rumors we’ve heard.

And you can bet that when this does happen, and traditional media titles still flounder, they’ll find something else to latch on to and blame.

[via AppleInsider]