Rumor mill roundup: iPhone 4S and iPad 3 In October, A6 In Testing

Ladies and gentlemen, the musings of the rumor mill. Allow yourself huge, mountainous piles of salt before accepting.

Example in the first: Macotakara, which has a decent track record, is claiming that October will see the iPhone 4S and iPad 3 released. According to their sources, the new iPhone is based on the iPhone 4, and it and a new iPad will be manufactured in early September for an early October release — they also claim no information on the iPhone 5.

Example in the second: Taiwan Economic Times claims that the A6 chip is already being tested, with plans to enter production in Q1 2012, and release it in Q2.

The A6 thing? I can totally believe that, the timing makes sense for a new chip for whatever next year’s iPad is.

But the iPhone 4S and iPad 3? I don’t know. I don’t think we’ll see them, but if we do, they’ll be variant models. I think if there is an iPhone 4S, it will be released alongside a more powerful and redesigned iPhone 5. Conversely, if there is an iPad released this Autumn, it’ll be an “iPad Pro” or something similar, as opposed to completely replacing the current generation.

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  • Chris

    The case we are seeing for an iPhone 5 is probably an iPod touch 5G and the next iPad and iPhone will be released next year with the iPhone 4S released in october!