10 Better-Than-Average Weather Apps for iPhone


April Showers bring May flowers. Well, it's definitely now May, but it's also definitely still storming in most parts of the country. So if you're like me, an umbrella and a spare jacket have been a part of your daily routine for quite some time now. And though you have surely used your native Weather app on your iPhone or the standard (and super popular) Accuweather or Weather Channel forecasting apps on a regular basis, there's a whole stock pile of underrated apps in that big ol' lonely Weather category in the App Store. Here are a handful of the ones that are definitely worth the time and the few extra bucks to enhance your daily weather (or avoiding lack thereof) experience. … [Read more...]

Review: Opera Mini Browser App Lives up to the Hype


Much hullabaloo was made leading up to the approval and release of the Opera Mini web browsing app in the iPhone App Store. Those who were familiar: "This is going to be the best app of all time! An app-pocalypse, even!" Those who weren't familiar: "I don't need another music composition app on my iPhone, thanks." Well, Opera Mini landed a few weeks ago, and after giving it a whirl, I've come to a conclusion that I'll cheat and reveal before the jump: It's not an "app-pocalypse," but this is definitely the best web browsing app available for the iPhone. … [Read more...]

Review: Linkin Park’s Game Creates New iPhone Outlet for Musicians

Linkin Park, the pop-rock outfit made popular in the early '00s, released their very own iPhone game this week that steps away from the typical genre of music game apps in the App Store. Instead of functioning as a game based on rhythm challenges, Linkin Park's 8-Bit Rebellion! pays homage to the early 8-bit video games with missions, kick-punches to villains, and even interacting with other users playing the game, heavily incorporating real-world social networking. Tunes also play a big part, of course, with 8-bit versions of the band's hits playing throughout and with an exclusive track serving as the reward for beating the game. It looks like other bands may be following suit, as Gorillaz recently announced their iPhone game is in … [Read more...]

Does it Work?: Vlingo Speech-to-Text iPhone App


The Dragon Dictation voice recognition app opened up a new world to iPhone users, one without typing on those tiny touch-screen keys. It was then followed up with Dragon Search, and will probably have several more apps on the way. But the Dragon apps aren't always too reliable, and wouldn't it be better to have all of the speech recognition features together in one app? Enter: the new Vlingo speech recognition app that claims to let you voice dial, text message, e-mail, search maps, and even update your Facebook or Twitter with a few quick speaking commands. In this installment of Does it Work?, we take Vlingo for a spin to see how accurate this voice recognition app can be when transcribing speech to text. Think Vlingo will work? Check … [Read more...]

10 Must-Have Apps for Baseball Fans


If you live in a baseball city (i.e. Boston, New York City, or Chicago) you've probably noticed that baseball season is now in full swing (See what we did there?). So in honor of the start of a fun few months of major league broadcasts and stadiums packed with fan jerseys and dedication in the form of body paint, we bring you our picks for the 10 must-have apps for every baseball fan. Let's play some ball! … [Read more...]

App Review: “My Vacation” brings an easier way to scrapbook your trips to the iPhone


Spring break seems to be over for the majority of us, but that only means one thing: We're that much closer to summer, and all of the vacation time that comes with it. So as you enter the planning stages for your next travels 'round the world (or just out of town), consider utilizing your iPhone a little more to document your sightseeing by giving the My Vacation app a go. Unlike most of the other vacationing apps available in the App Store, this one helps you do everything from plan and pack for your trip to take photos and videos and add them to a new-age type of iPhone scrapbook that you can share directly with your friends via Facebook. Check out the full review after the jump: … [Read more...]

5 Apps for Concertgoers

Here on the cusp of outdoor concert season (springtime! summer!), many are prepping to fill their calendars with a gaggle of concerts and music fests all the way through August (ourselves included). So we were delighted to see a user in the Forums dishing about an app that any concert lover would enjoy, and we figured it was about time for another roundup. Check out our list of 5 apps every concertgoer should own after the jump! … [Read more...]

App Review: Take a ‘Momento’ to Enjoy This Journaling App


Been hankering to start (and keep up with) a journal or diary lately? Twitter and Facebook just not seeming to cut it anymore? Skip the pen and paper for the Momento, the best journaling app we found that will give you a beautiful, simplistic, and incredibly new-age journal and that you'll never want to throw out. The developers over at d3i released Momento in December, and because it was released at the tail end of the year, we're betting this could be considered one of the best apps of both 2009 and 2010, for the app's great starting list of features that continues to grow and expand. Not only can you document private moments you need to scribble (er, type) out, but you can also keep track of your social activity online that you import … [Read more...]

Does it Work? : oMoby Finally Brings Visual Search to iPhone(?)


If you know or come into personal contact with an Android user, you've probably had that nifty little Google Goggles app thrown in your face a few times already. It's a handy little app that uses visual recognition to identify objects and products and direct you to the Internet to find and buy said objects. Think of it as one of those barcode scanner apps, minus the need for a barcode. Well, the day has finally come for the iPhone to get a visual search app of its own. In this installment of "Does it Work?" we take a look at oMoby, which hit the App Store a few weeks ago and claims to make searching simple by letting you snap photos of any product and locating it for purchase on the Internet. Think oMoby will work? Check out our … [Read more...]