Does it Work?: Vlingo Speech-to-Text iPhone App


The Dragon Dictation voice recognition app opened up a new world to iPhone users, one without typing on those tiny touch-screen keys. It was then followed up with Dragon Search, and will probably have several more apps on the way. But the Dragon apps aren't always too reliable, and wouldn't it be better to have all of the speech recognition features together in one app? Enter: the new Vlingo speech recognition app that claims to let you voice dial, text message, e-mail, search maps, and even update your Facebook or Twitter with a few quick speaking commands. In this installment of Does it Work?, we take Vlingo for a spin to see how accurate this voice recognition app can be when transcribing speech to text. Think Vlingo will work? Check … [Read more...]

App Review: “My Vacation” brings an easier way to scrapbook your trips to the iPhone


Spring break seems to be over for the majority of us, but that only means one thing: We're that much closer to summer, and all of the vacation time that comes with it. So as you enter the planning stages for your next travels 'round the world (or just out of town), consider utilizing your iPhone a little more to document your sightseeing by giving the My Vacation app a go. Unlike most of the other vacationing apps available in the App Store, this one helps you do everything from plan and pack for your trip to take photos and videos and add them to a new-age type of iPhone scrapbook that you can share directly with your friends via Facebook. Check out the full review after the jump: … [Read more...]

Does it Work? : oMoby Finally Brings Visual Search to iPhone(?)


If you know or come into personal contact with an Android user, you've probably had that nifty little Google Goggles app thrown in your face a few times already. It's a handy little app that uses visual recognition to identify objects and products and direct you to the Internet to find and buy said objects. Think of it as one of those barcode scanner apps, minus the need for a barcode. Well, the day has finally come for the iPhone to get a visual search app of its own. In this installment of "Does it Work?" we take a look at oMoby, which hit the App Store a few weeks ago and claims to make searching simple by letting you snap photos of any product and locating it for purchase on the Internet. Think oMoby will work? Check out our … [Read more...]

Does it Work?: Tiger Text’s disappearing text messages


Remember that guy Tiger Woods? He was the main man behind some big infidelity scandal in the media? Well, this app has nothing to do with him, allegedly. Despite the timing of its release (almost exactly a week after Woods's press conference apology-a-looza) and its elusive name, the Tiger Text app that wipes your iPhone clean of any questionable text messages was in development long before the golfer's infidelity surfaced at the tail end of last year (see what we did there?), according to the developers. But how exactly could this possibly work? How can an app simply erase a text message from both the sender and the receiver's phones at a specific time? Does it really work? Well, the short answer is that it can't...but it kind of … [Read more...]

Essential Apps for Movie Nerds


Awards season is just about to come to a close with the biggest ceremony of the year on Sunday—the Oscars. Though the Academy released its own official iPhone app, there are quite a few more thorough (and frankly fun) apps to check out to prep for the big night, as well as some general movie apps that any film fan would love. We picked some of our favorite apps for movie junkies. Check them out after the jump. … [Read more...]

App Review: “This American Life” finally releases content-heavy app


Many regular listeners of the long-running, popular NPR narratives show "This American Life" heavily depend on the show's free iTunes podcast to keep up with the weekly programs. But for the past few years or so, it's been hard not to notice that the show seems to be struggling finance-wise, as the host, Ira Glass, regularly pleads (or suggests) that listeners contribute or donate money to the show to help get the iTunes podcast free. Well, it's surprising that it took them this long, but the crew over at "This American Life" may have hit a small money jackpot, as they have finally released a "This American Life" iPhone app. At a seemingly pricey $2.99, the app is chock full of content and extras, and will be worth the price for any … [Read more...]

App Review: “Driver” resurrects vintage PlayStation game, forgoes some functionality


Most longtime gamers have fond memories of the Driver game from the first PlayStation, circa 1998. The game featured the typical late-'90s graphics and features, but the storyline had an old school, '70s feel to it, with the main character in the game hauling an old Mustang around town to complete missions that would seem tame by today's Grand Theft Auto standards. It was only a matter of time before the classic game was adapted to the iPhone, but many were skeptical that the iPhone version would resemble anything close to the original. Surprisingly enough, the developers at Game Loft proved everyone wrong by making the Driver iPhone app as close to the original as possible. The developers only run into trouble when it comes to their … [Read more...]

App Showdown: HBO vs. Showtime


We've been hearing a lot of praise for the recently released HBO app for the iPhone lately, with some considering it to be far superior to any other TV network's iPhone app. That's a mighty big statement, especially when HBO's main competitor in cable networks, Showtime, launched its app almost three months ago. The two networks compete for many of the same viewers, and many couch potatoes--myself included--don't devote themselves to one network or the other. How could you when there are gems like the vampire-fad series True Blood on HBO and Dexter, the series chronicling the troubles of an everyday serial killer, on Showtime? It's simply impossible to pick between the two networks. But how do the dueling network's apps compare? The … [Read more...]

App Showdown: FourSquare vs. MyTown


The world of social media connections opened up a little more with the introduction of Loopt to mobile phones a few years ago. Suddenly, mobile phone users were able to share with friends are they up to, specifically where they are on a map, just by updating their real-time, GPS-enabled Loopt profile. The idea took off right away and has been going strong ever since. But Loopt came on the scene early in the iPhone game, and with the explosion of new apps in the App Store that has since taken place, users seemed to be looking for some sort of pay-off to sharing such privileged information. Enter: FourSquare. FourSquare has been hailed the "next Twitter" or even a "hyperlocal Twitter," as it allows users to share their locations via … [Read more...]

App Survival Guide for the Holidays


You're probably already feeling that good ole Christmas cheer by now (a.k.a. stress), but, much to your chagrin, it's about to get kicked into overdrive in the next week. With all of the shopping, traveling, and quality family time you're going to experience for the remainder of December, why not simplify your life a little with a few easy-to-use iPhone apps to get you through the holiday? As this is my first holiday season as the owner of an iPhone, I intend to milk it for all it's worth, and you probably should, too. Here's EverythingiCafe's app guide to surviving the holidays. … [Read more...]