App Review: Blancspot’s Art of News is Eye Candy for News Bugs

Art of News

In an effort to bring news and headlines back to the visually impatient consumer, Blancspot Media released their app The Art of News to present headlines in a more visually-friendly, slideshow fashion. Not only does Blancspot take this approach with The Art of News, it also integrates audience engagement with each article, presenting the user with a live Twitter feed of the news you're currently checking out, as well as stats on which of your friends who also use the app are checking out the same article. But with an app like Pulse, released earlier this spring on the iPad and this summer on iPhone, which Art of News takes a major cue from, is an app like Blancspot really necessary? And can it really succeed, when Pulse has pretty … [Read more...]

PicPlz Review

PicPlease review

First debuting on Android, the PicPlz app is touted as being the simplest photo-sharing app on the iPhone, updating your Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare profiles all in one fell swoop—with location and place information, on top of that. So how does it really hold up? OK, yes, it's pretty darn impressive. Read the full review after the jump … [Read more...]

App Review: Lyric Legend a Challenging Alternative to Tap Tap Revenge

Lyric Legend

The Tap Tap Revenge games topped the App Store charts for years, bringing a simplified version of Guitar Hero—in a way—to the iPhone before the real thing came along. But the new app Lyric Legend takes the Tap Tap favorite to another level by challenging players to think a bit more critically by tapping along to lyrics instead of beats. Read the full Lyric Legend review after the jump … [Read more...]

App Review: Netflix for iPhone

After months of twiddling their thumbs awaiting the release of an app for the iPhone, Netflix subscribers have finally been rewarded. The alternative movie rental service released its iPhone app last week, bringing more than 17,000 titles in its catalog straight to the pockets of millions of iPhone users. With features that let subscribers stream movies directly from their iPhones, the app should be a home run. And it mostly is, but it definitely doesn't come without a few glitches. Read the full Netflix review after the jump … [Read more...]

Review: Vevo’s Endless Music Video Library About to Take Over the iPhone

[via Mashable] Yesterday marked the long-awaited launch of the free Vevo app, bringing the online music video service's entire library of more than 20,000 videos to the iPhone. Vevo has made a name for itself as an authority of official music videos from artists on YouTube, and also on its own site at for creating a seamless user experience for music video entertainment. But with the bar set so high for Vevo online, does the app disappoint on the mobile device? Not really. Actually, the Vevo app is quite impressive, not to mention a ton of fun with little surprises around every corner. Read the full review of the new Vevo app after the jump … [Read more...]

Review: The Ultimate Alphabet for iPhone Will Kick Your…

Some of the best app games on the iPhone are actually reincarnates of classics and arcade games (think: Scrabble and variations of it, Tetris, Driver). Also a great example is the Where's Waldo app that came out at the tail end of last year; it's one of the best selling games in the App Store, and more than likely the best selling game that originated from a classic puzzle book. So now comes another reincarnate of a classic puzzle game turned into an app for the iPhone and iPad in The Ultimate Alphabet, a slightly frustrating, definitely mind-bending, and overall solid object-finding classic. Read the full review of The Ultimate Alphabet after the jump … [Read more...]