App Review: Posterous Brings Functional Microblogging to the iPhone

Posterous iPhone App

Posterous' blogging platform is well-known for its ease of use in creating posts and stretching them throughout many different sites and social media networks. Though Posterous users always had the somewhat inconvenient option of using their iPhones to post on Posterous through the mobile site, this, nor the photos-only-posting app PicPosterous, seemed to cut it. Finally, a solution.Posterous recently released its official iPhone app for free in the App Store, allowing Posterous users to finally get a shot at blogging from their iPhones with ease. What features are available? Not many. But that's the great thing about Posterous--no fuss, no clutter, blogging-made-easy. Read the full review after the jump … [Read more...]

Scare Tactics: 7 Fun and Freaky iPhone Apps


'Tis the season to be jumpy. Halloween is quickly approaching--did you get your costume yet?--and lists of the best iPhone apps for the hellish holiday are plastered everywhere. But which ones are actually a little entertaining and worth your time? We're quite fond of the ones that help you pull off a stellar prank, scare your friends, morph your photo until you're unrecognizable, or just remind you about the joys of being scared out of your wits.Check out these freaky Halloween apps after the jump … [Read more...]

Epic Win: iPhone App That Turns Your To-Do List into a Game


Chores and tasks tend to suck when you're younger, but they seem to suck even more as you get older and don't have the supportive cheering of Mom and Dad once you've finally completed said chores and tasks. could take advantage of this new RPG-style productivity app that aims to take the place of your mom--kind of.Epic Win is the ultimate to-do list, styled in the form of a productivity game that rewards you points and advancement in levels once you've completed a task. It may not be the most action-packed adventure game, but it certainly got me more on top of my tasks than any other to-do list I've used before.Read the full review after the jumpBegin your quest in Epic Win by creating your profile, entering your … [Read more...]

App Review: Broken-hearted Team Followers Can Share Their Disappointment wiht Fan Misery


If you're a loyal fan and follower of a not-so-successful team, you probably don't need another reminder of your team's disappointing performances. But just in case you feel in need of a downer...there's a new "forecasting" app for you.Fan Misery uses a custom mathematical calculation to forecast your "fan misery" every day based on the latest stats from your team's performance. Covering all sports, the app is free, but in-app purchases, which are required if you actually want to use the app to follow your team, can add up to make for a pretty pricey forecast. Read the full review after the jump … [Read more...]

Does it Work? Awareness! Claims to Pump Outside Noise Into Your Earbuds

Anyone who works in a cubicle farm knows well the annoyance of being snuck up on by a coworker while wearing your earbuds, as well as the annoyance of being that coworker, trying to get the attention of another. So it's surprising that an app with features like Awareness! hasn't come along sooner, or even been implemented in music apps like Pandora.Running in the background on iOS4, Awareness! brings outside noise filtered through your earbuds' microphone pumping through earbuds while listening to music to help you be more (ahem) aware of your surroundings when necessary. Easily hear sirens or an oncoming car while aimlessly crossing the street with your music blasting, answer a co-worker when they ask a question on their way to … [Read more...]

App Review: Springpad’s New Alerts Feature (Figuratively) Saves Your Life

When you spend most of your day surfing the Internet for work, for fun, or just as a cure for boredom, you can come across an unbelievable number of items to lust after or things that spark an interest or idea to pursue later (when you're off the clock, maybe). For those of us who really need a personal assistant taking notes for all of these moments but can't quite get one, an app like Springpad could come in handy.Springpad launched in March as just another "reminders" app, collectively saving notes, pictures, bookmarked links, favorite products, etc. But the newest update just released this week launches the app into another category, allowing users to receive alerts and updates about products or places saved in their Springpad … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, September 17th, 2010

This edition of Apps of the Week is a little pricier than normal, but more than worth it. We check out new soundboards from the Old Spice Guy and the Boondock Saints, the explosive Street Fighter IV game, and the have-to-see-it-to-believe-it ridiculousness of The Situation's app, a la Jersey Shore. … [Read more...]