Paper for iPad Review


Paper (App Store), by FiftyThree, holds the number one "free" spot in the App store at the time of this article's writing.  I put free in quotations because although the app does come with 1 style of drawing, any others will cost you $1.99 per style.  Paper takes the much known idea of drawing on the iPad, and simplifies the User Interface while delivering high performance artistic styles. In our Paper for iPad review, we'll take a look at all the features in this amazing new drawing app. … [Read more...]

Qwiki Review for iPad


Wiki's are definitely not new, and the popular Hawaiian word meaning quick, has become a staple in fast information consumption, creation, and collaboration.  Qwiki, a wiki type app specializes in a unique method of information consumption.  It talks to you while showing you a slideshow of topics in the millions.  It is much cooler than it sounds.  With inlaid graphics such as zooming into maps, showing diagrams, flags, and any other image you can think of related to almost any topic you can think of, Qwiki is a fun way to get your knowledge up. … [Read more...]

IMDb Review for iPhone and iPad (Internet Movie Database)

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With the latest movie craze, The Hunger Games, being released this past weekend, people are always looking for a good review, and trustworthy set of ratings. With regular people like you or I rating and reviewing movies, I have found movies with good reviews on IMDB are almost always good.  Vise-versa seems to hold true as well. So just how good is this service in app form? Read on for our IMDb review for iPhone and iPad. … [Read more...]

Word Lens Review for iPhone and iPad

word lens

Living in or traveling to a country which speaks Spanish or French and you don't?  Look no further than Word Lens.  While there are numerous apps that will provide word by word or sentence by sentence translation, none will do so in real-time using your iPhone or iPad's camera.  Word Lens does just that.  In real time, simply point your camera at a text of Spanish or French (depending on what pack you have) and the app will quickly translate the language in print to English (or vice-versa).  Read on for more on this app. … [Read more...]

iPad 3 Review (2012)

New iPad Review

Keeping with their yearly cycle, Apple released the new iPad (third generation), looking to further their lead in a tablet market they have been dominating. Having over 200,000 applications optimized for the iPad, not to mention a good number of universal apps that help buyers utilize apps purchased for the iPhone, the ecosystem is incredibly strong. Also of note are the advances in iOS 5.1, the software that manages to deliver extremely powerful functionality with incredible ease of use. In March of 2012, the conversation switches back to hardware, squarely on the new iPad. Join us for our comprehensive iPad 3 review as we put it through the paces. What makes this new iPad better When talking about the new iPad, the feature that is … [Read more...]

Star Walk Review for iPhone and iPad

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Star Walk is not a new app, but there is something new about it.  You guessed it, the graphics have been updated for the retina display on the new iPad.  While Star Walk has always been one of my favorite educational / astronomy apps, it's now everything it's always been plus a copious amount of added pixels to feed your hunger for content on the new iPad's retina display.  Join us for our comprehensive Star Walk review for iPhone and iPad. … [Read more...]

iPhoto for iPad and iPhone Review

iPhoto review

Apple announced the third leg of the iLife suite for iOS during the new iPad announcement on Wednesday, March 7th.  Accompanying GarageBand and iMovie, iPhoto brings what may be the be the best iLife app from Apple to date.  It contains a suite of photo editing tools which work at various degrees to help you make your pictures the best they can be. Join as as we take a dive into iPhoto for iOS. … [Read more...]

CalcBot Review for iPad and iPhone

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Depending on what you use your iPad for, you may or may not ever have a use to turn it into a temporary calculator.  I occasionally find myself needing a calculator either for personal finances or work related tasks.  There are a number of options for the iPad, many of them even free to satisfy your calculator needs.  However, Calcbot is exceptional in that it has been updated to take advantage of the new iPad's Retina Screen.  Join us after the break as we take a look at this calculator app in our CalcBot review. … [Read more...]

Flight Control Rocket Review for iPhone and iPad


Flight Control Rocket is among the first group of games with support for the New iPad's Retina display.  I expect this category to expand - fast.  Adding on to the idea of the original Flight Control Game, this version twists that one into a Sci-Fi experience with beautiful graphics, but a bit of an annoying set of somewhat necessary in-app purchases.  Continue reading for our comprehensive Flight Control Rocket review for the iPhone and iPad. … [Read more...]