Among the most popular of the love streaming apps is WatchESPN. The name is pretty self explanatory and the app does exact what it seems – it allows you to watch live and recorded sporting events. With Wimbledon currently underway, WatchESPN is a sport lovers paradise; allowing the viewers to watch every match currently underway. Read on for WatchESPN for iPad and iPhone review.

First thing first. WatchESPN will only allow access to those with cable subscriptions relieving ESPN from Bright House Networks, Comcast, Verizon FIOS, Time Warner Cable, and more. You will need to sign in when first using the app and your account creation will depend on you logging into your cable service provider. Once you get passed the red tape the reward (the app) is pretty great.

WatchESPN is broken up into three main menus – Featured, Sport, and Channel. We will detail each below.

The Featured Section
The featured section seems to show the most popular currently sporting events currently being watched. The screen layout is done well and uses a similar idea to apples famous cover flow. Each display is a sporting event which when clicked, will instantly start the live stream of the event. Along the bottom is a ‘Live Now’ scrollable area in which more events are listed. A list view button will simplify this view and allow you to see more events at once.

The Sports Section
Pressing the Sports button will display a drop down list of sports. This list is comprehensive – listing every sport you may see on ESPN.

Even if the sport is not currently live, choosing one will show any upcoming events in that sport. For example, selecting football now will show a CFL game. If the sport has no upcoming events (such as canoeing), the Replay tab will show by default. This tab allows viewing of past events.

The Channel Section
Depending on your cable subscription – different ESPN channels will show here.  With Xfinity from Comcast, as an example, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN U, ESPN3, and Buzzer Beater are available.  Choosing one of these channels will show the currently live program as well as upcoming live events to be aired.  The ‘Live Now’ section can be pressed which will begin the live stream of the current event.

The Settings Panel
WatchESPN is not heavy on the settings, and rightfully so.  The main point of the app is to give you, as a subscribing customer through your cable provider, Live and Replay access to sporting events.  Within the Settings menu (press on the gear), are the options to Send Feedback, access FAQs, read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and acess your own ‘MyESPN’ account. When I sign into my own MyESPN account, my access to live content is taken away.  For this reason – I recommend just signing in with you cable provider through the app for access.

Access to tons of Live Streaming events through an iPad app at no extra cost – yes please.  Though some of the app reviews say otherwise, there is really no reason to dislike this app with the exception of the exclusion of your cable provider from their authorized list. Not only are the ESPN channels available live, way more content is also provided – such as every live match in Wimbledon on every court.  For this and the professional layout of the app, it’s hard not to like WatchESPN, which is available for free in the App Store.