Trailers is an app made by Apple.  The history of Apple in the movie business is an exciting story.  While I won’t detail it here, know that Apple is heavily rooted in the movie business not only through its current cash power generator iTunes, but through Steve Job’s and Pixars rich history together.  It’s only logical that Apple would provide an outlet to the world to see the latest and greatest movie trailers through their app simply entitled; Trailers.

The Main Trailers Section
Simply stated – it’s exactly what you would expect from an Apple App. It’s consistently designed to fit with all of their apps.  The app has sections across the bottom, the content neatly in alignment throughout the body, and high resolution movie covers with a rotating header featured up top.  A Genre toggle exists along the top heading on the left hand side allowing you to filter only movies in a genre of your choosing.  If you’re looking for a specific title, a search bar on the top right of the app will suffice.

The Calendar Section
Moving along the bottom of the app, the Calendar section appears second from the left.  Movie covers are displayed here in columns representing release dates.  This makes finding trailers by release date a since, and does so in a stylish and easy to use fashion.  In addition to the Genre filter, a time filter is situated alongside on the top left section of the screen.

The Top 25 Section
Pretty self explanatory, the Top 25 will list Top 25 movies.  Not just overall, but in sections such as Weekend Box Office, Rotten Tomatoes, etc.  This allows you to see a Top 25 not just according to Apple’s system, but other places as well.

In Theaters
This may be my favorite, and perhaps the biggest secret of all within the app.  The common misconception of the trailers app is that its just that, trailers only.  Spending more than a few minutes in the app will have you arriving at the ‘In Theaters’ section and show you this app has much more to offer than only the trailers of movies.  This section will find theaters around you by default or allow you to choose your own Zip Code.  Clicking a theater will pull up showtimes in an interesting and easy to use graphical interface.  Looking at playing times by date is possible.  Movies for times later in the day will show blue – indicating they are pressable while past showtimes are gray and can easily be distinguished as unpressable.   Pushing a blue circle will prompt you to buy tickets.  This link will generally take you to the theater’s website in safari.

In this pane, the ability to see a list of movies is also an option, with theaters being a secondary selection.   I actually prefer to use this method as I am usually looking for a specific movie, and not necessarily a specific theater.  Once you choose the theater to see your movie at, as they will be listed with showtimes, pressing the theater’s row will pull a prompt up to give you directions.  A map view is also available.  I highly suggest you check out the ‘In Theaters’ section in trailers.  It may just become your new go-to movie showtime finding app.

While viewing movies, an option to Email, Tweet, or Add to Favorites is available.  This is a little nice to have feature if you want to save a preview to reference quickly later.  This is a nice, but small time saver.

If it weren’t for some other movie app’s ability to show me reviews from users, the choice would be clear for me to make Trailers my go-to movie app.  For trailers, it still is – but for theater searching and showtime lookups – I depend on the IMDB app.  Apple clearly has the upper hand in user interface design in this space, the lack of reviews is the only missing piece here.  For everything else, this app gets a 9/10!