Chillingo, popular app makers of such games as Feed Me Oil and Cut the Rope have created a first of it’s kind new type of game called ‘The Act.’  The Act is an animated story where the player takes part in moving the story forward.  Besides the short length of the game, I absolutely love everything about this game. 

In The Act, you play Edgar the window washer.  Throughout the story, he falls for a beautiful woman named Sylvia.  Pivotal moments make or break Edgars chances of wooing Sylvia, getting arrested, and helping a fellow window washer.  Your role in The Act literally consists of moving your finger left or right at these key scenes.  The fun is being able to get through situation without failing.  Situations range from cheering up Slyvia, to impersonating a doctor, and running with your window washing buddy through a hospital.

In each case you have three chances to successfully act out the scene.  Don’t worry though, if you fail, you can continue without any repercussion – so actually you have unlimited tries.  This takes some challenge out of the game – but I think it would be infuriating to play if you had to start over each time you ran out of your three chances.

The first few situations will explain what’s going on to allow you time to adjust.  After that, you will kind of get the hang of it by failing a few times (probably more than a few).  The game-play is enthralling due to the excitement of knowing your actions directly impact the story.  The musical number that goes along with the animations, both while you’re in control and while your not is also well done and plays highly into the enjoyment experienced while playing.

This is the first time I’ve played a game of this type and I am hoping it’s not the last.  The truly professionally done animation and score, along with the exciting (and sometimes funny) gameplay and story make this a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  I sincerely hope to see more games built along this premise in the future.   The only downside here is the fact that Edgars story is extremely short.  For $2.99, my guess is that this game was created as a feeler to gauge the reaction of the player/audience.  If the 4/5 star rating it hold’s in the App Store is any indication, I expect to see more like it in the future.  This is a 10/10 for originality and I would recommend it to everyone.