Today we have a treat for you.  It’s the kind of treat that will fast forward through a boring situation you may find yourself in – given you have your iPhone – or preferably iPad in hand.  Here’s the premise – there is no premise.  Your fingers are electrically charged machines, your iPad has colorfully charged particles who are attracted to your touch. Check out this review if you need a time passer that requires little thought, but lots of OoOhs and AaAhs. 

Options? This thing has Options?
Well kind of.  There is 3 – including the option to see the 2 real options.  A small opaque circle located top left of screen will reveal options for “Sticky Fingers” or “Take Picture.”  Both are fairly self explanatory but the sticky fingers will retain a constant touch from wherever you last pressed on the screen.

So Stop Explaining, and Show Us
It’s amazing how far the power of visual stimulation goes – especially on a device like the iPad.  This app plays of our human desire to take an action and see a response.  It just so happens the response this app provides is very, very visually rewarding.  Leveraging the multi-touch screen of the iPad like no app I have see do so before, Tesla Toy will give you a different response per the number of points the app senses on the screen.

One finger will fairly slowly draw the particles to your finger, but only with a few inches.  This forms an eclectically bordered circle centered at your finger.  As the particles enter more and more of an excited state – their colors change more rapidly causing the rainbow effect you see below.


Two fingers will cause a portal effect with the particles entering one place and popping out another.

Three fingers will center the particles into 1 point between the 3 points.

Four fingers will center the particles into a mad spin between the 4 points.

Five fingers will repeat the portal effect except with 5 entry points and 1 exit.

The effects continue well into the double digits, if you can get some people together to really test the power of the multitouch display.  Saying the screenshots don’t do the app justice is an understatement as I often find myself playing in this electrically charged playground on my iPad screen while watching TV.  It is truly something to try out for yourself.

Again, what’s not to love about this one.  It’s unlimited visually pleasing fun, and even more, a great way to impress your non iPad lovin’ friends.  While $1.99 may seem a bit steep for such a brainless application, trust me when I say you won’t regret it – at least I haven’t.  Some other pros of the app include its applicability to all ages.  From 1 year olds who may goggle over the fancy colors, to your great great grandparents who will marvel over where technology has gone – it’s a crowd pleaser for sure.  A clear 10/10 in my book.