Packing Pro is more than just a to-do list app.  In fact, over the last few days I have used it to plan a full 10 day trip to Israel and can confidently say I do not think I will forget a single thing.  With an easy to use interface, cloud syncing capability, and prebuilt trip scenarios, it’s never been easier to pack for a trip than while using Packing Pro.

Let’s Launch it Up!
The first time you launch this app – you will be greeted with an update explanation which briefs you in the newest iCloud functionality.  Closing this, you will see a few menu selections.  First, the interface will show your lists (demo trip), followed by the Master Catalog, Settings, and some other Info.  We will get into the Master Catalog a bit later. Info will be shown by default – which contains a useful Instruction Guide along with What’s New and Credits.  An entire section for feedback will allow you to share the app in your social circles, gift, review, and rate the app.

The Settings Page will allow you to enable iCloud, Import/Export, Customize the app’s design, Auto-Capitalize and Correction toggle, as well as chose your default weight and currency preferences.  Sorting options also exist along the bottom.  Using iCloud in this app has been great for me.  I always have my iPhone on me, so whenever I have remembered something else I need to bring, I can just enter it on the iCloud enabled iPhone app.  In Turn, when I pull my iPad out, there sits my updated list.  I find not enough apps take advantage of the iCloud functionality, and I am happy to see that this one does.

Managing Lists
Notice above that once I enabled iCloud functionality – I was able to pull my trip down from the cloud where my iPhone has thrown it.  Any interaction with this trip, regardless of what device I perform it on, will be automatically synced to my other devices.  First, to create a new list simply click on the green + next to ‘My Lists’ and choose if you want the list created from a sample, existing list, scratch, or restore a deleted list.  If connected to iTunes, you have the choice to import from there as well.  Choosing ‘with Expert Help will ask you for the number of people going, both children and adults along with the temperature (cold, mild hot), destination (domestic, int’l), Food Prep (by others, by self), and Wash (machine, hand).  I prefer to use an existing list and remove what I don’t need while adding things I do that are not present.  That is exactly what I did with my current trip planning.

From within a list you have the option to add categories, items to a category, and properties of the items.  Type, Name, Number, Weight, Value, Person, Bag, and Notes are all available options for items.  This allows you, if you want to get this in-depth, to add items to specific people’s bags.  Since I am only packing for myself, I did not need to get into that level of depth.  Adding items can easily be achieved by selecting the Green + from right side of a category.  To add a new category, choose edit on the top right, scroll to the bottom, and choose ‘Add Item in New Category.’  A set of gears on the top right will allow sorting, totaling, searching, and sharing.  Collapsing categories can also be achieved from this menu as well as the green arrow on the left of each Category name.  Items can be checked off once they are packed allowing you to reference what you have brought.

Master List
The master list is a preexisting list of everything (and more) you would need to bring on a trip.  When adding an item to a packing list you will have the option to select from your current list of master catalog to find an item.  The beauty here is that if your item is on the Master List (and it probably will be), not only is the item added to your list automatically, it is added in the appropriate category, leaving the organization out of your hands and into the apps ability.    Fear not if your item does not appear in the master list, creating a new item is fast and painless – allowing you categorize it as you wish.  Existing items can also be recategorized should you chose to do so.

Though this app will cost you $2.99 once (universal), the charge seems to be well worth it to get a great piece of mind when heading out on your trip.  You can be doubly sure that if it was on your list, it’s in your bag.  I have found it extremely useful throughout my packing and preparation for my upcoming travels.  I highly suggest anyone heading onto a vacation get this $2.99 piece of mind – 9/10.