To Do apps are a staple of mobile computing.  Even the first PDAs (which were ironically made by Apple – called the Newton MessagePad 2100), featured To-Do Lists.  Mobile technology has come a long way from there, but the principle of the To-Do list has remained the same.  Join us as we take you through our review of a true 21st century To-Do List for the iPhone and iPad: Wunderlist.

What separates Wunderlist from the early Newton versions and makes it a 21st century To-Do App is apparent in its list of features.  The Wunderlist app will sync your list not only between iOS devices (mobile), but also to your Mac.  Providing capability to create multiple To- Do lists, add notes on tasks, schedule tasks, add email reminders, favorite tasks, and more – you can be sure you will get your stuff done.

The Basics
Wunderlist’s interface is intuitive and finding your way around is simple.  There are no hidden options you would need a manual to find.  Adding a new list vs. task in a list is obvious as are most other tasks.  Each task you add will allow you to enter multiple attributes about that task including a Note, Due Date, Reminder, List, and Priority.  When entering a reminder you have the ability to tell the app to either send a push notification or an email at the time of the reminder.  The Note field is not limiting – allowing you to enter entire conversations or sub-lists within.

Key Features
Syncing between devices is a must have in today’s gadget heavy world.  I do not want to have to enter a task 3 times, once for each of my devices.   Also, sharing lists is possible and collaboration is automatic.  This means once a list is shared – both parties can update, add to, or check of from the list.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a feature to assign tasks to a collaborator.

Wunderlist also comes prebuilt with filters to narrow visible tasks for a list by Today, Tomorrow, Overdue, Done, Next 7 Days, Later, and No Due Date. I found the more organized and detailed I am with creating my tasks, the more I get out of the app.  This means if you decide to just enter tasks at will, without taking the few extra seconds to set Due Dates, Reminders, or Priority, your list will be just that, a list.  Using Wunderlist in such a way is a bit counterproductive, as the same kind of list forming can be done (perhaps simpler) using the stock Notes app.

Productivity apps aren’t magical (though they’re getting close) and they won’t read your mind.  They will provide an outlet to make you more productive and efficient, just like any other tool you might use.  Wunderlist is no different here, but it does provide a comprehensive toolbox which can help you become those things, if used correctly.  I can see some updates in the future providing the ability to assign tasks to collaborators, but besides that greedy request, I have been completely satisfied with the app thus far.  Even better it’s Free for all devices.  I highly recommend Wunderlist.