Because Wheel of Fortune has been aired for over 37 years, I am assuming everyone reading this review will have already watched or at least has some understanding of the rules.  I am not going to be explaining the rules of the game during this review, but if you need that explanation, you can find it here.  The game will also explain the rules along the way.  The game is pretty fun and sticks close to the TV version. Read on for our full Wheel of Fortune for iPad review.

Signing In and Getting Started
Signing in will allow you to post to your Facebook wall and will allow the app to save your progress.  This process is fast and simple.  The first time you begin to play, you will be asked to customize your contestant.  You can choose a random person, or create your own with Skin Color, Hair Style, Hat, Top Clothing, Bottom Clothing, Glasses and Beard.  You will then be asked to play Single or Multiplayer.

Single Player
Single Player has 4 modes to choose from.  TV Show, Solo, Toss-Up, Speed Up, Hawaii Week, World Capitols Week, and Valentines Week.  We won’t cover all of these in depth, but each has its own fun mode.  I prefer to play the TV Show method.  It offers consistency in what I am used to while watching the game on TV.  In this mode you are offered to play under Easy, Medium, and Hard.  You then choose your puzzle pack.  The main puzzle pack has 1800 puzzles, while the Bonus has 180, and a More Bonus option has an additional 100.

As mentioned earlier, the graphics and Sounds are in line with the TV show – which makes it even more fun to play.  Even better, you spin the wheel by sliding your finger across it.  It makes for an unusually fun experience.   A couple things that are different;  2 minutes to solve the final round, no prize puzzle, and Pat is missing!

Multiplayer offers four modes, Live Game, Turn-Based, Pass & Play, and Local.  This is where the real fun is!  Playing a computer is all well and good, but playing others – either random or friends – is super fun.  Knowing you are actually playing real people elsewhere adds a certain level of competitiveness to the game that I find myself enjoying.

The auto-match feature does take a little time, around 3 minutes in my experience, but this is a function of Game Center and not this app specifically.  I did have a couple times when I was only matched with 1 other person.  This is a bit less fun.  One thing you will find is if you are not signed into Game Center on your device, you will get an error within this app when trying to play multiplayer.  To remedy this, simply first go to the Game Center App and sign in.

With a consistency to the popular television show, even the casual Wheel Watcher will enjoy a few rounds of Wheel of Fortune on the iPad.  My only requested enhancement would be to add Pat into the mix as it is his personality that really has defined the game and given it the fun flavor we have all come to love. A 8/10 and worth the $5 in my book.