We all enjoy the fact that the iPad, along with certain apps, can deliver our interests to us in the form of websites, photos, videos, and more.  Trap!t is kind of a mix between StumbleUpon, Flipboard, and Pandora.  Like all three, Trap!t will require you to give some input in regards to your interest.  Then, in a Flipboard style, it will deliver blogs and magazines to you based on those interests.  If you love to read about what you love, then read on for our full Trap!t for iPad review, because you’ll love this app.

Calling it setup is a bit misleading.  From the initial launch screen, your only task will be to start creating ‘traps.’  Doing this, (very similar to Pandora and music), means you have to simply enter a topic of something you are interested in and press the + sign.  Once done, your first trap will appear.  Add another, and another, and as many as you wish until all of your interests are covered.  Once you’ve gotten to that point, it wouldn’t hurt to press the Need Ideas button.  This will pull up, in a very slick fashion I might add, a Trap!t Idea Generator.  Questions will guide you to creating new traps for things you may not have even realized you’re interested in!

How to Use Your Traps
Each trap is setup as a horizontal ribbon.  Once you have more than two, vertical scrolling will bring you through them with a spiffy animation.  Horizontal scrolling will show additional blogs and magazines.  When a specific article is centered, options reveal themselves to share via social networking or email, send to a reading list, or give it a thumbs up or down.

Other Features
Along the top of the page, you will notice sections for Featured Traps and Reading List.  The reading list will provide you access to articles previously tagged.  The Featured Traps page provides just that with an additional filter option along the right side of the app.  These filters allow you to specify featured traps by genre such as News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, etc.  An option to expand all your traps or featured traps exist as 4 arrows pointing inward along the top right.  Next to this is an option to refresh.

If you press trap!t on the top left, you will reveal Home and Setting Options.  The settings available are Profile, Email Digest, Delete Account, Feedback, and Logout.

I find myself turning to trap!t more and more as I look for interesting articles to read.  StumbleUpon occasionally brings me an interesting piece of reading, but with trap!t I get my interest delivered 100% of the time as text articles.  In addition to that, the development is professional and lends itself to smooth animations and transitions that flow in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  It is easily apparent that much time was spent developing this app and as it is free, it is one I would definitely recommend to everyone.  For all of this I give trap!t a 10/10.  Go get it!