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First of all, Tiny Wing’s graphics on the iPad stay true to the original but carry with them much more pop.  The larger screen size along with the extensive use of colors puts Tiny Wings in the category of apps or games you will want to show to friends as they ask you about your iPad.   If you have an new iPad, the results are even that much better.  Since the new version of the game also includes the old mode (Chapter 1 – Flight School), we’ll skip that in order to focus on the newer ones.  Broken up into ‘Chapters,’ the new game modes add another level of addictiveness (if that’s even possible) to this already addictive game.

Chapter 2 – Flight School
Ditching your custom bird and his/her missions, you arrive at Chapter 2 and are asked to choose from one of four birds named Owell, Peli, Peck, and Flami.  Once your bird is selected, you will start on Clown Island and advance from there.  Each Island has multiple levels, each chapter has multiple Islands.  This level selection setup is similar to those found in Angry Birds Space, Feed Me Oil, and Bike Race.

Once you’ve chosen your Bird, Island, and level; it’s time to fly.  You will be one of four birds racing towards an actual finish line – instead of running from the night.  Each bird has it’s own skill level. Some of the levels are even flown at night!  Your time is recorded on each level which you can then use to go back and beat at a later time.

As long as you rank in the first three birds to finish, you will be allowed to move onto the next level.  There are currently three islands with 5 levels in each with a fourth placeholder reading “New Islands Coming Soon!”

Chapter 3 – Hill Party
A third game mode is Hill Party.  That’s right, multiplayer! This mode is broken up into two types of games – Island King and Five-Course Meal.  Island King is played until one player earns 10,000 points on an island.  Five-Course Meal is the highest sum of earned points on 5 islands.  Both modes are split screen, with no network involved way to play multiplayer so far.

The split screen is done extremely well, with the levels taking up half of the height of the screen.  This breaks the iPad screen into 2 almost 5” screens to play on across the table from one another.  Each player can be given a handicap prior to starting as well as choose their own bird.

You can slide to a fourth screen which will present the ability to gift the app as well as the settings panel.  Settings are basic and include toggles to turn off Music, Sound, and more interestingly, iCloud.  That is another great feature of the new version.  iCloud integration makes sure your birds gain equal recognition for their accomplishments between iPad and iPhone.

The iPad app is a separate purchase from the updated iPhone app, but both share the same new features.  The iPad app costs $2.99 while the iPhone version is free to upgrade or will cost $0.99 if you’re buying it for the first time.  This cost is well worth it as Tiny Wings is among my favorite iPad and iPhone games.  This one is a 10/10.