Okay, okay, it’s a bit childish to mess with photos of people on your iPhone.  But sometimes, it can be laugh out loud funny and provide some great fun for your friends and family.  App makers Iddiction have created a simple hit which is steadily part of the Top 25 free apps – at least for now.  Read on for our Pimp My Hair for iPhone review.

Pimp My Hair for iPhone review

There’s not too much to this app, and there doesn’t need to be.  The premise is simple; you have one kind of hairstyle, here is what you would look like with another.  The ability to resize and spin the hair in order to make it fit perfect is great.  The added functionality of adding captions makes the potential hilarity of the app exponentially better.

On first launch you will have the option to connect to Facebook.  After having done this short process, two options appear – Library and Camera.  The layout is eerily similar to I’d Cap That.  This is because the same developer group is responsible for Pimp My Hair.  You’ll notice other similarities such as how the captions look.

Choosing your Victim
The camera roll selection is straight forward and nothing new is added in – simply browse through your albums until you find a picture of a forward facing victim, erm, friend or family member and select it.  There is no need to fit the face into an outline as is normal with this kind of app.  Pimp My Hair not only automatically finds the head, it chooses the hair which it feels will create the best fit and neatly places it on top.

If you choose to go the other route – the camera – a silhouette of a head is overlaid on the camera screen so simply help you get the optimum results.  Once the photo is taken, however, the same process as described above is carried out.

Once you have your photo selected – there are multiple outlets to edit it.  First, a scrollable pallet of hair styles is shown on bottom.  Selecting a new hair style will mop it on top of your victim’s head.  From there you can pinch in or out to resize the hair as well as two finger rotate on screen to rotate the hair.  This provides simple but complete control of how the hair looks.  Usually this results in a great looking and somewhat real end state.

Enter Captions
Captions can make a normal photo hilarious as we’ve learned through I’d Cap That.  If captions alone can create hysteria, captions + hair changes can create pandemonium.  Maybe that’s a bit extreme, but I really have had some good laughs on behalf of this one.  Captions can only be one row unfortunaltey, but can be resized to fit on screen.  Placement of the caption is up to you as well.

Usually $1.99 but currently free, Pimp My Hair is one of those simple apps to add to your arsenal of iPhone fun.  You never know when the right photo might be taken that provides a perfect opportunity for some fun – of course at someone elses expense.  While it’s free – I recommend scooping it up.  An 8/10.