Among the thousands of apps to help you perform various tasks on your photos, sometimes the simpler is the better.  While I remain a huge fan of the more feature rich photo editing apps such as Apple’s own, iPhoto, apps like Pic Stitch exist to fill those little gaps, in this case, collages.  Read on for our full review of Pic Stitch for iPad and iPhone.

Pic Stitch comes in a free and paid variety.  While they do almost all of the same things, sans borders, the paid version will remove the extremely present and pesky ads.  Because I use this app only occasionally, it’s worth it to deal with the apps and dodge the $0.99 cent price tag.

The basic flow of the app is simple.  First you select your layout.  Six pages of layouts with six layouts on each gives you a great variety of starting points.  Don’t expect to be building collages with many pictures in Pic Stitch as the layouts max out at 4 photos each.  After your layout is selected – the collage boxes become interactive.  To choose a picture from your iPad or iPhone library, simply double tap on a box of the collage.  After your photo is selected, you will have multiple options to edit that photo.  The editing options are actually pretty plentiful ranging from Effects, Stickers, Sharpening, all the way to Redeye removal and adding text.

Once your photo is how you like it – pressing the Done button from above will gently place your photo into its collage box.  Once there, pinching and dragging work to help you size and center your photo to your liking.  You can always go back and edit the photo should you need.  After repeating this process for all of your collage’s boxes, it’s time to put some finished touches on the whole thing before export.

This step is not particularly great – as an option to change the entire Aspect ratio will allow you to swiftly misalign everything you just setup.  Not to worry though – I would just suggest choosing your aspect ratio before choosing and sizing your photos.  Along with Aspect are options to change color and finally export.

Exporting options are plentiful including Facebook, Twitter, Email, Photo Album, Instagram, and even the ability to Open In another program such as Dropbox or LogMeIn.  Exporting happens quickly and the image is saved at a reasonably high quality.  This will depend on the individual photo’s quality as well.

Pic Stich is definitely not an all-in-one photo editing app.  Actually, it’s pretty much the opposite. However, if you want that quick collage of your new car, or maybe one of a vacation or pet, Pic Stich is a fast way to get you there.  It is not going to connect to iCloud, nor will it even let you choose border colors and styles (for free) – if you want more robust photo editing, iPhoto is your place to go.  If you want an app that will throw together a collage of a few photos – look no further than Pic Stich for a quick result.  Pic Stitch gets an 8/10 for being limiting, but doing what it does fast and free!