Let me start by saying the NBC really, really wants everyone to watch the Olympics; every minute of it.  What better way to do this than stream all the events Live through your iPads and iPhones.  This is one of two apps coming from NBC for the 2012 London Olympics.  Read on for more details about this app in our NBC Olympics Live Extra for iPad and iPhone review.

Olympics iPad app review

Get Ready – It’s Coming
The Olympics are among us and so comes a new way to experience them.  NBC is in high gear making sure nothing is missed and access to every event is possible – wherever you are. The cost of entry is simply connecting the app to your cable provider.  Many providers are available and chances are yours will be among them.  Broken up into four relatively simple categories – Featured, Sports, Schedule, and Favorites – NBC’s Olympics Live Extra works to make sure you truly don’t miss an event.

This section provides a banner with multiple pages navigated to by sliding right to left.  These are videos ranging from ‘Get Ready to Watch the Olympics LIVE’ to ‘A how-to guide to Live Extra.’  Sub categories of Live Now, Spotlight, and Channels are selectable from a centrally located menu.  Live Now shows all the current live events, Spotlight will show exceptional video replay from various different sports, and Channels will provide access to the Olympics by the separate channels.

The Sports tab will provide thumbnails of all the Olympic sports with a heart on the top right of each.  This Heart will favorite the sport – and allow access from the Favorite tab.  The app is nicely tied together as each time a sport is selected, a similar screen is shown as described above.  However, the individual sports pages show Live Now, Replay, and Spotlight.  All of these are relative to the selected sport and are pretty self explanatory.  Even the banner across the top has multiple pages of videos related to the sport.

I love unique designs and original thinking.  I also celebrate creativity.  While the entire app fits into these categories – the schedule layout does so even more.  The schedule is designed to scroll both vertically and horizontally.  The Olympic Day (days -2 though 16) are numbered and locked on the left and the dates lock up top as you scroll through them.  Each event appears in it’s rightful time with the sport name, image,  and competitor information listed below.  Clicking a sport will simply reveal the rest of the description (as it is sometimes cut off in the schedule view).  Along with the event is a heart, as mentioned above which not only saves it to the Favorites section – but creates an alert which will notify you of the event’s start 15 minutes before that time arrives.

This tab will list all of your favorite events in three menus; Live Now, Sports, and Events.  Additionally, a settings option presents itself here.  Options are limited to simply choosing a longer or shorter event alert time (None, Start, 15min, 30min) and signing in using your Television Provider.  The TV Provider is key, literally, as it is your unlocking agent to all of the Live content mentioned above.

The fluid design, original thinking, and creativity put into the User Interface for NBC Olympic Live Extra is second to none.  The fact that you are being provided access to every single event for no extra cost other than what you pay your TV provider is awesome.  If I had to mention a downside, it would be the use of advertisements along the bottom, which occasionally block UI elements.  This is a small price to pay for the benefit being received.  If your any kind of Olympic fan and have an iPhone or iPad – this app should already be on your device.  Go get it now! 9/10.