In case you haven’t heard, NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover made its daredevil precision landing on Mars recently.  As a result, the NASA Television app has shot up the iOS charts.  Join us as we take you through a review of the NASA Television app.

As a kid, one of my key memories of heading down to Disney was the day we spent at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, FL.  Since then, I have always had a side fascination with NASA and space in general.  Because my real passion is for technology – finding a NASA app was right up my alley.  Broken up into four sections; Watch Now, On Demand, Schedule, and On Your TV, NASA Television is able to provide hours and hours of entertainment.

The Watch Now section is simply a Live Feed to NASA run programming.  It often hops around from topic to topic, but has more recently been showing content from the recent Curiosity Mars Rover Landing.  This specific content, as an example, contains animated renderings of how the landing would have launched, Team member celebrations and press conferences, and even the first images being received from Curiosity.

The next section is On Demand Videos.  From this screen you can watch a series of NASA created videos.  The list found here is updated often, and the videos normally range from about a minute to 10 minutes in length.  The subject of the videos spreads across the International Space Station to shuttle launches, and especially (more lately) talk about the curiosity robot.  When a video is pressed, before it plays a description page will appear.  From here you can read a short excerpt about the video and if you choose, press on a thumbnail to launch it up.

On the third tab you can find a NASA Schedule.  This will show you the various topics which will be discusses on the Watch Television section.  The option to move forward, day by day, is also available.

The last and final section is called “On Your TV.”  This section aims to provide you with broadcasting to NASA on other networks.  Included in each show is the name, description, channel, date, and time. This is particularly helpful if you need to find programming that you’d like to TiVo or DVR.

Overall the NASA Television app is very simple and it’s apparent that the main purpose is to provide an outlet to watch free streaming NASA TV.  The other pages are simply put together, with nice graphics as backdrops.  There is not a lot to the app, but free streaming NASA is always a plus in my book.  For a true stargazing enthusiast or someone looking to learn a lot about the night sky, other apps such as Starwalk may be your better bet.  But for those of us who just want to see NASA do the awesome stuff they do – the NASA Television App for iPad and iPhone will more than suffice.  For it’s simple nature and free streaming content, I give NASA Television an 8/10.