The first time I saw Google Earth was a bit of a wow moment.  This was merely for the fact that I was able to interact with the globe as a three dimensional image within a two dimensional space.  Sure it had been done before, but for some reason when it’s a globe, it’s all the more impactful.  Living Earth HD is an Alarm Clock iPad app which will allow you to have this same interaction with a globe that has cloud cover updated every three hours as well as real time weather, time, and sun lines.   Read on for the full review.

At the heart of Living Earth HD is an alarm clock.   There are also a million other alarm clock apps in the app store.  What sets Living Earth HD apart is the rest of the app, and the rest of the app is gorgeous and simple.  With The weather information on the left right and time on the top right, the globe is dead center and definitely in your face.  You can spin it as well as zoom in and out.  Other options present themselves along the lower left hand side of the app.

The weather will show an image, temperature, high and low for the day by default.  Pressing the area will bring up a detailed panel which shows the same info as well as the weekly forecast.  To add Sunrise and Sunset times, simple toggle it on from the settings menu along the lower left side of the app.  It’s important to mention the weather will be displayed for the city listed in the bottom right corner of the screen.  To edit this city simply press it, scroll to the bottom, and choose Edit Cities.  From here you can Add and Remove Cities.  The app makers claim to have included millions of cities around the world.

World Clock
Not only does the weather update for the city you have selected, so does the time.  In turn, this app can be deemed a world clock providing quick access to world times.  Another cool feature is that the globe will automatically center on the cities as you shift from one to the other using the left or right arrow buttons.

Alarm Clock
To set the alarm clock, simply click the icon in the lower left which represents one.  Options here are simple and what you would expect from an alarm clock.  Music from your iPod can be chosen to play on wake-up, though you will need to have the app running all night to do so.

Other Features
Options to continue the spin of the globe after you let go, take a picture and upload to a social media outlet, and center on your current location are the remaining features in the lower left.  The settings menu provides access to your city list, units of measure for temperature and wind speeds, live cloud toggle and last update, and some display options.  Double tapping the screen will dim it in case you do plan to leave it on in order to wake to your own music.

With real global images being delivered year round and cloud cover updates changing every 3 hours, Living Earth HD provides an outstanding up to date view of our planet.  The alarm clock and other features make this app simple and stunning.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for an alarm clock or up to date view (and even hour) of the planet.  At $1.99 as a universal app, this one gets a 9/10.