This is an oldie but definitely a goodie.  We reviewed the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) iPhone and iPad App a few months ago , but today we’ll take you through Flixster.  Flixster is a movie lover’s paradise.  With The Avengers releasing this past weekend, we believe this is a perfect opportunity to give you a review of the world’s most popular app for movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes.  With a 4 ½ star rating and over 1600 reviews, you can be assured this app is a good one.

Flixter for iPhone and iPad review

Ratings and Rotten Tomato
I use this app in conjunction with IMDB to get a feel for whether or not a movie is worth seeing – based on the rating of both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes which is built into Flixster.  Rotten Tomatoes bases its movie rating on a scale of 1%-100% or rotten-fresh.  The percentage reflects an aggregated number of good and bad reviews from a large sampling of certified movie reviewers.   For example, a rating of 26% will show a Squished (or Rotten) Tomato.  This means only 26% of all the reviewers gave the movie a positive review.   My only gripe with this is that these “certified movie reviewers” don’t always get it right, as their viewpoint and the laymans occasionally differ to a point of confusion.  I usually will see a movie in theaters if it has at least a 7-10 on IMDB (which is reviewed by regular people).   Using this system with Rotten Tomatoes, I would have missed out on a lot of movies.  As an example – the movie John Carter has a 7.1 / 10 on IMDB, but just a 52% on Rotten Tomatoes.  On the flip side of this, Rotten Tomatoes does provide an “Audience Rating” which was still just 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.

iPad Avengers

Box Office and Theater Sections
Now that we all understand the rating system used within Flixster, lets get back to the App and its features.  Along the bottom runs 6 main categories.  The first two are Box Office and Theater.  The Box Office page will show what movies are opening this week along with the Top Box Office movies at the current point in time.  This is in a “Popular” tab by default.  To get an alphabetical list, simply change that to “Title.”  One additional tab, “Rating,” will take you to a list by Rating (Rotten Tomatoes Critics) from best to worst.  At any time you can click on a movie to be taken to a Movie Overview page (which I will go over a little later in the review.

Purchase movie tickets

The Theater tab will change that list of movies to a list of movie theaters.  By Default, it will show “Theaters Near Me.”  The first time you access this page, you will need to allow the app to use your location.  Along the top you can set another place and mile range to find theaters within.  You can also favorite theaters to display at the top of this list for the future.  Once you click on a theater, you will be taken to a theater overview page, specific to the theater you clicked.  This page has the phone number, location, and even nearby restaurants using Yelp (review here) Integration.  Under this will be the days of the week, starting by default on Today.  This allows you to checkout movie times later in the week.  Below that is a list of all the movies playing at the theater along with their showtimes and even an option to buy a ticket.  This options availability varies by theater.  Each movie can be pressed to once again take you to the Movie Overview page.  Buying a ticket is easy and will work directly from within the app using

Upcoming and DVD Sections
The Upcoming section will show movies being released in the coming weeks, months, and even years – currently going all the way until 2014.  Clicking on a movie will show the movie overview page for that movie.

Movie times, trailer iPad

The DVD page will allow you to see movies by New Release, Coming Soon, or Browse modes.  The movies are listed in order of time released from newest to oldest on the New release tab.  The Coming Soon tab will do the same but with movies to be released on DVD in the coming weeks.  The browse tab will allow you to access the entire list of movies contained in Flixster’s Database by Genre.

iPad movie reviews

Actors and My Movies Sections
The actor’s page will show Top Actors by Default and also allow you to get a Randomized list.  Once you click on an actor (or actress), a page will launch showing their birthday, birthplace, a quick bio, a photos section, and their filmography.

Flixter to look up actors

The My Movies page will allow you to integrate with Facebook, Netflix, and a Flixster specific account should you choose to create one.  From here you access the settings page which will allow you to change the movie rating system from Rotten Tomatoes to Flixster if you would like.  This is the equivalent to the audience rating and what I personally use.  Additionally, you can view your Netflix Queue and even click on movies to get taken to the movies overview page for that movie.  You can also add movies to stay here for future reference and see movies you have rated.  Finally, if you link to Facebook, you can see your friends list along with any movie reviews they have done.  This is a fun feature to get you friend’s personal views of movies without even having to ask them!  You can even see recent friend’s ratings.

Movie Overview Section
Throughout the app there are multiple outlets to get to this page by simply clicking on a movie.  This page is what I consider to be the most helpful and most useful part of the app.  This page will show the Critics rating, the Audience Rating, and any friend’s ratings alongside a picture of the movie’s cover-art.  From here you can get directly to showtimes for this movie by different theaters.  You can also see a trailer built in directly to the app.  This page also contains movie information and photos.  Information includes rating, length, starring actors and actresses, director, release date, genre, and a synopsis.  The actors and actresses are listed a little further down on the page.  Clicking these will again bring you to the actors or actresses page.

Personalize Flixter

A well done app with wonderful navigation and section integration lends itself to a useful and easy to use movie tool.  While I use IMDB to get a feel of how good or bad a movie is, I use Flixster for almost every other aspect of my movie information needs.  The social integration is a nice touch and makes it fun to review apps and let your friends know.  The instant trailer access is nice and usually provides the trailers in high quality – though Apple’s recent trailer app may give it a run for its money.  Well, maybe not considering they are both free.  This app gets a 10/10 which means if you don’t already have it – you should be on your way to downloading it today!