Travel apps are in no shortage in the App Store.  Just recently we reviewed the popular Kayak app.  Today we will look at a wonderfully made app for flight and airport information called Flight+.  Traditionally, Flight+ for iPad has been $3.99 – but now a free version (with iAds) is available for all!  Read on for a full review of Flight+ for iPad.

Flight+ is broken out into 5 main sections: Flights, Airports, Airlines, Maps, and Settings.  Let’s go through each.

The flights section allows you to add upcoming flights to a list which will be kept here for your quick reference.  Adding a flight is easy and can be accomplished by adding one or more of the following: Date, Departure, Arrival, Airline, and Flight Number.  Once you have some of these filled in – your search will return a list of flights.  The list will be more concise with the more fields you can fill out.  You will notice not only will ads dominate the bottom of the screen and occasionally the full screen as a popup iAd, they will also interfere with the GUI.  On this screen an interfering ad will make your returned flight list just one viewable at a time.

My personal favorite part of the app, perhaps because I am not a frequent flyer, is the airport section.  Containing 16,200 airports total, this screen can keep even those of us who are terrified of flying busy for hours.  From this screen – the list of airports contains the airport name, country, average delay meter, local time, and weather.

A search bar allows searching by airport or city to pull up your favorite airport.   Once you find the airport you’re looking for, selecting it will bring you to a details page.  From there an overview of the airport, as well as navigation to the Flight Board, Weather, Terminal Maps, and Flight maps are available.  The Terminal and Flight Maps are especially interesting as the amount of detail is stunning.

This page is laid out very similarly to the Airports page, except with airlines being the selectable option.  With about 750 airlines available to check out, this will be a great resource to research who you fly with next.  The Airport Detail page will contain such information as “Number of Flights Today” and a live Twitter feed from the airport.  A flight board for that airline is available along with a flight map.

This page will show all of your flights, past and future in map form.  The airport and airline you flew with is available to dive into from here – at which time the details page for each would be displayed.

The app is configurable to a point.  Allowing you to control how much live data comes through or turning on iCloud synchronization can be done from here.  Selecting your map type, temperature unit, distance unit, and a toggle for using Knots for speed is also available.  Finally, the ability to login to Facebook and automatically add your flights to your iPad calendar can be accomplished here.

There is so much information available in Flights+, it’s almost humorous.  I didn’t even realize there was as many major airlines and airports as this app has detailed information about.  If you’re a frequent flyer, I would definitely recommend going for the paid version at $3.99.  If you just want to research airlines and Airports and maybe track a once in a blue moon flight, the free version should do just fine.  I enjoy all the free information this app has to offer and give it a 9/10 for its usefulness!