I’d Cap That is a comedy app which combines random hilarious sayings with photos of your choosing.  In turn, a hilarious combination is born.  Please note that the app does contain some adult sayings so it’s recommended to be used by those over the age of 17.

Much like most apps that employ use of the camera, in I’d Cap That you have the option to take a new photo or choose one from your Photo Library.   Once a picture is selected – tapping Use will bring the same picture up with the funny caption.  Pictures can be chosen from any of your albums, including your photostream collection.

Depending on the combination of what’s in the picture along with the randomly chosen caption – the output is hit or miss.  Sometimes it can be hilarious, sometimes it can be boring.  Usually I’d Cap that provides some type of humor, even when the output doesn’t make sense.  The only options hidden under the “i” allow contacting the app makers or creating bugs.

Once you have your picture, options to Save to Library, Tweet, or send in Mail all become available.  While this app doesn’t do anything Earth Shattering – as mentioned before – the output can be hilarious.

This is one of those apps you want to use to take a picture of an unsuspecting friend in order to create some great moments.  I enjoy getting a good laugh with it, remedial as it may be.  Categorize this app along with fart sound makers and sound boards as the app’s focus and capability is truly limited to only what’s explained in this review.  While I am not a fan of the fart machine and sound board apps, I am, for some reason, a fan of this one.  Because of that fact, I would recommend everyone (over 17) at least check it out as long as your not offended easily.  Remember, it’s all in good fun, and it’s completely free.