Looking for some fun, useful, cool, or any other kind of new app to download on your iPhone or iPad?  App Shopper is here to help by not only surfacing some hidden gems, but allowing letting you know when they go on sale.  Join us for a review of App Shopper to help you navigate through your app downloading adventures.

You’ll want to set up an Account
In order to take advantage of functionality such as push notifications for price drops and ‘My Apps’ list, you’ll want to create an account within App Shopper.  Like the app, the account is also free.

Main Interface
Common to many shopping apps and websites, filtering is found along the left hand side of the app with results on the right.  The main list view options are Popular, What’s New, Wish List, My Apps, Top 200, Search.  Each of these will allow searching in a different type of fashion.  The Popular, What’s New, and Wish List allow filtering by Price, Type, Device, and Category.

In order to take advantage of functions such as My Apps and Push notification, a new account is required. Price will allow selection of Free, paid or both, while Type will allow you to see apps by Updates, New, or Price Drops.  Devices supported are iPhone and iPad, though an option to only see Universal apps is also available.  Using a combination of all the available options shod surface some interesting options for you to download.

My Apps
Once you have found an app that looks like something you may want to download – but would prefer to wait until it drops in price a bit, start off by clicking on the app.  Along with the apps rating, description, and images, you will find the app activity listed along the bottom alongside other apps made by the same developer.  Pressing  ‘Want it’ on the top right will add it to your Wish List.  Pressing ‘Own It’ will add it to your ‘My Apps’ section.  Pushing Buy will bring you to the App Store where you can download the app.

Push Notifications
Once you have a nicely built up Wish List, push notifications can become an important way to save money.  Pressing the gear looking icon will bring you to the settings page where you can then press into push notifications.  This will allow you to enable notifications based on app updates, price drops, or both.  You can choose to have the app not push a notification out between certain times in order to avoid annoying middle of the night price updates waking you up.  Email notifications are also able to be leveraged.  A categories tab will allow you to receive updates for only those categories you’ve selected.  Selecting apps prices to display in your native currency is an option available within the Country / Currency tab.  Not interested in downloading an app developed for an app not made in English, no problem.  Simply select the option to ‘Hide Non-Western Apps.’

I’ve never heard someone turn down free savings, and that’s exactly what App Shopper offers.  If you use coupons while shopping and look for good deals whenever you can – this is the solution for you and your app store shopping experience.  I’ve saved a good amount of money by waiting short periods to buy apps until they go on sale.  Free money – yes please.  Another clear 10/10.