Reuters: Apple To Use Larger Screen On New iPhone

Yesterday’s report from The Wall Street Journal that Apple would start production of a new iPhone within the next month with a larger display is gaining support today, this time from Reuters. Their sources are saying similar things, that Apple plans to use a larger display on the new iPhone and have begun to place orders for these displays from assorted suppliers in Korea and Japan.

The new iPhone display is said to measure 4-inches diagonally, which accounts for a thirty percent increase from the current 3.5-inch display.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball commented on the Wall Street Journal’s report, saying “Not much to add, other than that next month strikes me as early for production to start if it isn’t launching until fall.” In the vast sea of Apple bloggers, Gruber along with Jim Dalrymple are the two with the highest trust factor when discussing potential new products or features. When these two mention anything related to a new Apple product, you can take it to the bank. Based on his comment, should we take that to mean the new iPhone will arrive earlier then this fall? I’m of the opinion that September would present an opportunity for Apple to deal with any potential shortages prior to the holiday season, which starts increasingly earlier each year.

Source: Reuters


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