There have been a number of reports on Apple’s forums with people having problems with charging their Apple Watch. The issue was first brought to our attention from developer Eduardo Scoz. According to Scoz, the watch refuses to charge. Despite battery levels reaching past 50 percent, the watch will turn off when leaving the charger. His issues were followed by the watch continously trying to reboot.

apple watch charge

There are a number of strange issues plaguing some watches. Some user complaints alledge the watch is actually losing power while on the charger.

“I got myself an Apple Watch today and I am very happy but the problem I have is that when I try to charge it it does not work. I place the charger, the Apple Watch says that the device in charging properly but in reality the power diminishes as if no charger was plugged in.”

Some folks have had trouble with the watch getting past a certain battery level. Once it hits the level, it doesn’t continue to charge. At the same time, the Apple Watch starts to get hot. In an odd twist, one received a message that the charger was an unsupported accessory.

“It seems okay now, but when charging my 38mm sport, it got to about 44%, and stayed there whilst getting quite hot. It then said the charger was an unsupported accessory so I left it unplugged for 5 minutes. It cooled down and then charged to 100% within an hour, is this normal?”

Other reports claim a similar situation with the watch showing diminished battery life, while getting hot.

“I plugged my watch in at 55%, came back an hour later, and it was down to 45%. My watch is also extremely hot and doesn’t seem to charge, rather it actually loses battery when plugged in.”

“I had the exact same problem. while connected to the charger for an hour the watch went from 48% battery down to 44% and got super hot.”

What’s the fix?

There have been recommendations that range from rebooting the Apple Watch to a full reset. To restart, press and hold the side button. Swipe to power off. Now power you’re Apple Watch on and attempt to charge. If that doesn’t work, you could try a full reset.

How to reset Apple Watch

1. Press and hold the side button. Swipe to power off.
2. Press both the Digital Crown and side button at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

It still remains unclear if this is a software issue or potentially a hardware problem with either the Apple Watch or the inductive charger. If these issues don’t resolve your problem, I’d suggest making a Genius Bar appointment. This doesn’t seem like a widespread issue, so it’s worth pursuing a replacement from Apple if these steps do not resolve your problem.

Image credit: Eduardo Scoz