As the world’s first iPhone forum, founded in May 2006, we strive to offer the absolute best experience when it comes to providing a place for people to discuss all things iPhone and iPad. Best means different things to different people. For us, it’s about fostering conversation and removing hurdles to discussion. Building a great community of people who are knowledgeable, friendly and enjoy good healthy discussion. It’s been well over a year since we made that crazy decision to remove all advertising, which as proved to be an invaluable perk to members. People come to forums to get help with a problem or engage in robust discussion. Ads don’t help with either of those. Other than helping with our lofty server bills, they don’t help very much with providing a fast-loading content focused website. There is no change to our policy from January 3rd, 2011. Register and login. You will not see a single ad. Our commitment extends beyond 3rd party advertising. We won’t even advertise our own store. Our free App Store application also offers an ad-free experience, with support for both iPhone and iPad. There are many people who visit from other mobile devices and those who prefer Safari to using our free app. Today we’re pleased to introduce a completely redefined mobile forum experience.

Redefined forum experience

Mobile Templates Often Suck
When I would have discussions with our members, they would often complain about the limitations of mobile templates. Up until now, that’s certainly been the case. Not only on our site, but mobile forum templates in general. They are often limited in functionality, often catering to the lowest common browsing denominator. This leaves the desktop option, which works perfectly well on an iPhone or iPad, but requires plenty of pinching and zooming.

Mobile templates

The Best Of Both Worlds
Today, when you visit our forums from any mobile device you’ll be automatically presented with our new take on mobile and early feedback says you’re going to love it.

Bloody hell I’m impressed with this template..

I really like it so far!

I like this new template and I usually hate mobile friendly sites but this seems to have the same features as the desktop version just slimmer.

So what’s new and why are we incredibly excited about it?

There is nothing you can do on the desktop template that cannot be done on the mobile template.

Forum iPhone

Unhindered by ads and unnecessary clutter, it’s extremely lightweight and fast.

forums mobile

Designed For Mobile, Designed For People
It’s been designed for mobile, designed for people who use mobile. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. All benefit from a design that is made for mobile. Tap on the Quick Navigation to reveal access to all of your alerts, inbox, What’s New (new posts) and more.

Access to alerts, navigation

Search that works
Search has always been woefully deficient in forums. Our search feature just flat out works and helps you find the content that matters most.

Forum search

Easy To Read
Perfectly sized font. No pinch and zoom needed. Font that’s easy to read, but not overwhelming.

easy to read

Easy Access To User Profiles
Tap on a user to see their complete profile, all within the confines of the same browser window. Simply press the ‘x’ to get back to the discussion.

User profiles

Joining Just Got Easier
You can sign up using our quick register or login using Twitter, Facebook or Google.

Social login

There is plenty more coming in the upcoming weeks and months. Access to our family of forums, app update to support the iPhone 5, download center and so much more. We realize you have plenty of choices when it comes to taking part in an online community and great tools can only take a forum so far. Ultimately it’s people who make a great forum and we hope you’ll consider joining everythingiCafe.

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