Pronto Is Beautiful Event Tracker That’s Free Today

For those of you in need of an event tracker, you’ll want to hit the App Store and download Pronto.. Pronto. This simple and beautiful looking event tracker from Createful allows you to set a to-do list based on an upcoming event. Create your event and then set up a list relative to your event. The app follows minimal design cues made popular by apps like Clear.

Pronto for iPhone

Countdown to important events
Assign a date to an event and get a graphical indication of how many days are left until the big day. Handy to quickly get an idea of how close a deadline is.

Add to-do’s for events
Each event can contain as many to-do’s as needed. Tap an event and your to-do items will drop down ready to be ticked off.

Never miss another event
Events can be given an alert to remind you at a certain time (as many days in advance as specified) when an event is upcoming. Events can also be marked as repeating so your events won’t expire once they pass.

With its striking design, vivid colors and easy to use features, this seems like an app that is well worth your time.

Pronto for iPhone is normally priced at $0.99, so grab it now for free before it goes back up.