It’s no secret that the world has become an idea engine containing so many people thinking up creative ways to connect lives.  Facebook does a superb job of this, and therefore they remain the most popular social network – ever.  Pinterest is a fairly new, debuting for the iPhone in March 2011.  Today – it has a large member network hovering around 11.7 million unique.  Interestingly, in the US, 83% of those users are women.  Pinterest connects people by showing them pictures of things that may interest them in a pinboard type fashion.

Pinterest for iPhone review

Even though the service has been around for over a year, new users must request access to use the app by clicking a Request an Invite button upon first launch.  Don’t worry though, you will get your invite quickly.  Once you create your account, or login from the initial screen, you will have the option to choose categories which interest you.  At that point you will automatically be following a set of people that post in those categories as well as use the rest of the app.  The app is broken up into 5 sections which we will cover in more detail below during our complete Pinterest for iPhone review.

Setup Pinterest

Following Section
This page will show you everyone you are following’s timeline.  The timeline is similar to Facebook in that it’s sequential by time.  The obvious difference here is that the posts will contain pictures with captions.  You have the option to Repin a photo, like it, or press a More… button which will allow you to comment, Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook, Save to Camera Roll, or Email Pin.  As you scroll, the bottom options will lower themselves – in a nice and smooth fashion.

Follow section on Pinterest

Looking for something specific?  This is where you will find it.  You will be presented with a search bar along with a long list of categories.  Pressing on a category will show related pictures.  These are displayed in a mosaic, or pinboard fashion.  Clicking on one of these photos will give the same options as you have in the following section.


The Camera Button
The center button is a camera.  Can you guess what this does?  That’s right, you can take a picture from within the app and immediately pin it to your page.  All of your followers will see it next time they browse their Following list.  You also have the ability to upload a photo from your camera roll from here and give it a small brightness edit.  Following this, you can add your caption, choose which board it should be posted in (category), show the location it was taken, and decide if you also want it shared to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Activity and Profile
The Activity tab will show the progress of users who are following you, sharing your pins, repining your pins and so on.  From here you can see who is enjoying what your putting up!  Your profile page will give you a count of your followers as well as how many user you’re following.  You can break this down further by specific boards (category), Pines, and Likes.  From this page you can access additional settings to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and add your Facebook Timeline into your Pinterest account.

Profile on iPhone

As the statistic shows, and I am not exactly sure why, this app seems to be more of interest to women than men.  While I enjoy browsing some random pictures once in a while, my fiancé absolutely loves looking through this app, and does so on a daily basis.  The app is professionally made and does exactly what it says it will.  Users who enjoy connecting on a very visual level will enjoy spending time checking out friend’s and stranger’s alike pictures.  While I was planning on giving this one an 8/10, when I asked my fiancé her opinion, she said 10/10.  So let’s settle on a 9/10 and say you should check it out if you haven’t yet.