Video game pinball has traditionally been the type of the game that allows you to pick up and play for quick enjoyment. Today we’re taking a look at Pinball HD, video game pinball for the iPad.

Pinball HD provides you with three different pinball tables, allowing you to select from Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style. They all come with a variety of excellent graphics that look great on the iPad. The latest version also provides support for both landscape and portrait modes. The game uses a camera tilt feature to offer a simulated and might I add realistic 3D effect.

Gameplay is straightforward. Press anywhere on the left for the left flipper and right for the right flipper. Shaking the iPad during gameplay shakes the machine, too much results in the dreaded tilt. In our testing, we never able to tilt the machines, despite trying.

If you spent anytime enjoying Pinball, video or the big machines, you’ll enjoy Pinball HD. For casual gamers, there is virtually no learning curve, so it represents the perfect time kill. Choose your board, pull back and let’er rip. There are assorted area that offer bonuses and you’ll see areas “Back Door” that will have you aiming for success. Each game has missions, but I’m a simple guy, so I try to keep my ball in play while racking up points. In doing so, I started completed missions without fail.

Of the three boards, the best would be the default Wild West, followed by The Deep and then Jungle Style. Sound effects were unique on all three and added realism to the games. When your ball starts ricocheting off three bumpers, you’d swear you were playing the real thing. The game claims you can ‘tilt’ the machine by shaking your iPad. I didn’t notice any real effects of shaking and had trouble generating a tilt even when trying to do so.

Overall, it’s hard to find fault with Pinball HD, especially when factoring in the price of just $2.99. The game offers great sound effects, fun gameplay and dizzying 3D graphics when in portrait mode. With  three different boards, that will help Pinball HD stay relatively fresh, though we’d love to see an opportunity to purchase new boards.  Again, it’s pinball, so good players can play an eternity. Highly recommended for casual gamers and those who have a fondness for good old fashioned pinball.


  • Arcade style pinball
  • Great sound
  • Choice of three boards
  • Gameplay is fantastic
  • Great for casual gamers
  • $2.99? Really, that’s all?
  • Switching from horizontal to landscape changes gameplay, keeps the game fresh


  • Not so much a con, but we’d love a chance to buy additional boards
  • Doesn’t accept quarters like traditional machines
  • It shouldn’t be so difficult to tilt the machines

Our Rating:

App: Pinball HD for iPad (App Store link)
Price: $2.99
Developer: GameProm