Will Apple cut storage prices on iPhone 6?

Storage prices iPhone 6

If you missed it last week, Apple updated their iPod touch line to include a new version of the 16GB entry-level model. It now includes a rear camera and color choices, bringing the specs in line with the 32Gb and 64GB versions. Despite its premium pricing of $229, he previous low-end model was severely knee-capped when it was first introduced, with no choice of colors and no rear camera. Prices have also been adjusted to a more reasonable $50 difference between each model. Value increases as you move up the line, with the most expensive 64GB iPod touch offering the most value at $299. Only $100 separates the 16GB from the 64GB. When you compare pricing to the iPhone 5s, each incremental jump costs you an extra $100. Double. That's a nice … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 7.1.2 Update

Apple today pushed out iOS update version 7.1.2. The update includes improvements to iBeacon connectivity and stability. Other fixes include correcting a bug that affected data transfer for some 3rd party accessories, including bar code scanners. On the security side of things, iOS 7.1.2 fixes an issue whereby mail attachments were unencrypted. As per the release notes, the release "corrects an issue with data protection class of Mail attachments." … [Read more...]

Tips For Keeping Your iPhone Safe From The Cruel Summer

Tips iPhone safe

It was a warm summer night and I had been leaning back in adirondack chair, enjoying a cold Samuel Adams as the warm breeze reminded me that summer was upon us. The moment was short lived. Being the parent to an active toddler, chasing her to prevent her from [jumping in pool, pulling on a dogs tail, insert any incredibly poor decision] is a common occurrence. Jumping into action, my phone slid out of my front pocket, landing flat on the pavement. Summer was here, the season responsible for the untimely deaths of so many smartphones. Smashed screens, water damage, theft and loss become commonplace during the season of summer. The cost of repairing or replacing an iPhone, even with Apple Car, can be expensive. Summer should fun, but nothing … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Final Design Differs From Mockups

iPhone 6 mockup

As we proceed into the summer months, we are getting increasingly closer to the release of the iPhone 6. Over the past few months, we've seen numerous mockups of the iPhone 6, all of which have been based on leaked schematics. There has been much debate about the veracity of the design and today we get clarity as to differences between the mockups and the final design.Japanese newspaper Nikkei confirmed the round shape, which has favorable comparisons the 5th generation iPod touch. They question the completeness of the mockup, which appear to be of low build quality. There are unnecessary gaps between the home button the display. Speaking of the display, it also has gaps that don't transition well to the aluminum. One theory … [Read more...]

Apple Highlights Parenthood In New iPhone 5s Commercial

Parenthood iPhone 5s ad

Apple debuted a new commercial for the iPhone 5s titled 'Parenthood' last night. The ad is part of their continuing "you're more powerful than you think" campaign. Apple's film focuses on the various aspects of parenthood and how the iPhone 5s can be both helpful and enrich the experience for parents and children. It is set to "Life of Dreams" by Julie Doiron, which is available on iTunes. … [Read more...]

Apps of the Week, Jellies, Fly, Paperama, BeamIt and more!

Apps of the week

For those attending graduations, we've got a long list of apps to help get you through those long graduation processions. This week, we relax with origami, search for Fisherman Bob's fingers, find numerous reasons to jump in tanks and find room for yet another new messaging app. It's time for the everythingiCafe apps of the week for June 28th, 2014. … [Read more...]

Apple To Kill Off Aperture and iPhoto, To Be Replaced By Photos


When Apple introduced Photos at WWDC 14, it seemed that logical that it would be the successor to iPhoto. Now comes word from Apple via The Loop, that Apple is indeed replacing iPhoto with Photos for OS X coupled with iCloud Photo Library. Pro photographers and enthusiasts will have to look for an alternative for Aperture. Both iPhone and Aperture will no longer receive updates, with development stopped. … [Read more...]

Walmart Drops Price Of iPhone 5c to $29, iPhone 5s to $99


Starting today, Walmart has dropped the price on both the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C is now priced at $29 and the iPhone 5S at $99. The new prices are not a temporary price cut, so you can expect other retailers to follow. These aren't the lowest prices we've seen, but those have always been temporary promotions. Prices for other models were not announced, but expectations are for those to also see price cuts.The moves by Walmart come as we move towards the summer season and eventual release of the oft-rumored iPhone 6. If you absolutely need a new iPhone, these are fantastic prices. If you can wait or have strong desire for a larger display, it makes sense to wait it out. Apple has been following a fall release schedule … [Read more...]

Apple Releases $199 iPod Touch

iPod touch back

Apple has updated their store to include a new low-end iPod touch priced at $199, replacing the previous model which had been offered at $229. The new model features a rear camera and shares all of the specifications of the larger 32GB and 64GB offerings. It's available in five colors (Space Gray, Silver, Yellow, Pink, Blue) and a Project Red option. The new low-end 5th generation iPod touch comes with Apple ear buds and a lightning to USB cable. It does not include the iPod touch loop, which for many is not a glaring omission. Apple sells the loop for $9. This new model includes a rear camera, something which had been missing on the previous 16GB edition. … [Read more...]

128GB iPhone 6 Limited To 5.5-inch Model?

128GB iPhone 6

Apple has yet to offer storage capacity greater than 64GB on the iPhone, but that could be changing with the iPhone 6. Reports have Apple considering a 128GB option, which would be limited to the larger 5.5-inch model. This move could be in addition to changes at the lower end, with the base model now offering 32GB, something which would extend to both of the new iPhones. … [Read more...]