Roku App Update Brings Universal Search With UI Refresh

Roku app

Roku is the latest to spruce up their iPhone app with an iOS 7 friendly UI refresh. A complete visual refresh, the app also offers a few new features and the requisite bug fixes. As with previous ROKU apps, it can double as your remote. The new UI features the familiar ROKU purple with thin vector lines that borrow from the iOS 7 design aesthetic. The most notable new feature is the inclusion of universal search on the iPhone. Users can now enter a movie, show, actor or director. Roku will scour all of the various channels and services. When presented with your options, you can select to control your Roku and get right to the channel or in some cases, purchase or rent. It should make the app much more useful than in the … [Read more...]

Google’s Photowall for Chromecast Turns Your TV Into Photo Montage

Photowall for Chromecast

Google today announced Photowall for Chromecast, allowing friends and family to easily push images from smartphones, tablets and computers to create a visual montage on your TV. An iOS version of Photowall is available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. The  'Chrome Experiment' also supports Android phones, tablets and any computer running Chrome (with plug-in). Each Photowall has a host, who can in turn invite users to post. Each invitee must have permission from everyone in the group to post. Photos will instantly appear on the Photowall on their TV. The owner of the Photowall can also select an option to have a YouTube video automatically created and uploaded to their account. By default, the video is set to private and … [Read more...]

Apple Considering iTunes Music App for Android, On Demand Streaming Service

iTunes Radio

Apple is looking for ways to increase sales of music in iTunes in an effort to reverse a trend of decreasing downloads. A shift in strategy could including bringing the iTunes Store to mobile phones other than the iPhone. According to Billboard, Apple is considering an iTunes Music Store app for Android phones that would be available for download in the Google Play Store. Other efforts to boost lagging sales of music downloads includes expanding their streaming music efforts to become a direct competitor with Beats, Spotify and Rdio. … [Read more...]

How to block text messages in iOS 7

Block text messages in iOS 7

Apple's iOS 7 operating system offers more privacy controls, allowing you to control who does and doesn't contact you. Previous versions of iOS required you contact your carrier or use a third-party application that often required you jailbreak your iPhone. It was frustrating for people, who rightly so, expected Apple's iPhone to handle such an easy request. If you are receiving unwanted texts from ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, telemarketers, having an iPhone often led to frustration. Things have changed with iOS 7 and Apple has made it incredibly easy to block text messages in iOS 7. … [Read more...]

Christian Bale Favorite To Play Steve Jobs If David Fincher Has A Say

Christian Bale

Director David Fincher has yet to sign on to the Aaron Sorkin adapted biopic about Apple's co-founder, but if he does, it will be contingent upon Christian Bale taking the role of Steve Jobs. The Wrap reports that Fincher met with Sony Pictures Amy Pascal to discuss the film and his interest in directing the movie based on Walter Isaacson's biography. Apparently, casting Bale is a prerequisite for Fincher, who will pass if the studio decides to go in a different direction. … [Read more...]

NailSnaps Turns Your Photos Into Custom Nail Polish Stickers

NailSnaps art

Using NailSnaps, you turn your photos or favorite Instagram images into custom-printed nail polish stickers, all from your iPhone. The Kickstarter project is currently half-way to their funding goal. The process will let users download a free app, where they can use any image on their iPhone to create their vision of the ultimate in nail design. Whatever photo you have on your iPhone, can instantly be transformed into a custom design. When you've perfected your nail art, the app will send it off to the companies manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles where they'll print them and ship them. … [Read more...]

Starbucks App Gets iOS 7 Makeover, Let’s You Shake To Pay

Starbucks iOS 7

The official Starbucks app has been updated today, with a much needed visual refresh and new features to boot. The design isn't simply a reduction of heavy textures replaced by flatter, thinner elements. Starbucks goes all out here in an effort to make the app more personal. Your personal dashboard makes it easy to see your current rewareds status, access to free music and transaction history. … [Read more...]

iOS 8 Wish List: Make Siri Proactive, Instead of Reactive


In advance of the iOS 8 release, it's fun to speculate on what Apple may include in the update coming sometime later this year. Apple is hard at work and we've seen a number of iOS 8 rumors that point to improvements to Maps, mysterious new apps appear in screenshots and a possibly massive move into health and fitness tracking with Healthbook. With each new update, Apple continues to improve Siri and this year we'll likely see more of the same. So what's on my iOS 8 Wishlist for Siri? … [Read more...]

How to create reminders on your iPhone or iPad

Create reminders iPhone

One of the apps which saw major UI changes with iOS 7 was the Reminders app, an incredibly useful app for making to-do lists and reminders of things you need to get done. Thanks to the magic of iCloud, the Reminders app syncs across all of your iOS devices, so your lists are always up to date. We'll help you get started with creating reminders, how to schedule items and more. … [Read more...]