8 Killer Tips To Master Safari On iPhone

Safari iOS tips

Apple's Safari for iOS is an incredibly capable web browser. Years of improvements have resulted in advanced features throughout, some of which you may not know. We've uncovered 8 things you can do to master Safari on iPhone and iPad. Don't just browse the web, take control of it with these tips. 1. Change Safari's Default Search Engine If you had a list of the most often used features on a smartphone, searching the web would probably rank near the top of that list. As recent as iOS 8, Apple sets the default search engine to Google. You can make a radical change to your web searching experience by changing it and when you do, there are a number of options. 1. Navigate to Settings > Safari > Search Search Engine 2. Tap on … [Read more...]

How to setup iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone and iPad

Setup iCloud Photo Sharing

If you are someone who shares photos from your iPhone or iPad with friends and family often, then you should rejoice at iCloud Photo Sharing. Before Photo Stream, most people would use iMessage, SMS or attach photos to an email. Apple realized this was a terribly inefficient method of sharing photos made even worse if you want to share more than a few images. If you share photos often, read on for how to setup shared Photo Streams on iPhone and iPad. This might just be the best feature in iOS, making it easier than ever to share those important moments. … [Read more...]

How to improve your Redbox movie rental experience with iPhone

Redbox movies

I absolutely love movies. It's a great way to spend 2 hours where you can laugh, cry and find enjoyment outside of our busy lives. Having an active 3 year old, my wife and I just don't have the time to get to the theater as much as we'd like. So for us, renting movies is our way to enjoy the magic of cinema. In our neighborhood, there are no shortage of Redbox kiosks. They don't offer a back catalog, instead focusing on newer releases. At times, they will feature an older movie if there is a tie-in with a sequel or specific actor. This month, you can find "Out of Sight", a great movie with Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney. Being our primary source of movies, I've gotten very good at getting the best from my Redbox experience. Here are my … [Read more...]

How send flowers, edible treats to that someone special with these iPhone apps

Sharrie's Berries

Just days away from Valentine's Day, it is time to think about gifts, cards, chocolate, dinner reservations and flowers. With Valentine's Day landing on a Friday this year, most of you are mired in the middle of the work week. Whether it's your best girl, guy or your Mom, your iPhone might be the most effective way to send flowers. Here are a few apps to help you order flowers or edible treats using your iPhone. … [Read more...]

How to sync Safari bookmarks on iPhone, iPad with Mac or PC

Sync Safari bookmarks

Having an organized set of bookmarks can vastly improve your experience when browsing the web. Conversely, having different sets on different computers, iPhones and devices can be frustrating. It’s not simply a matter of remembering your favorite sites, but the time you save in manually entering each website address. Whether you are surfing the web for fun, work or education, bookmarks are a vital part of the overall experience. If you mainly surf the web from your iPad, you may be looking to export your favorite bookmarks, so that they are accessible on your Mac or PC. We’re here to help you bring a sense of order to your bookmark chaos. Read on for our comprehensive guide to how to sync Safari bookmarks on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. … [Read more...]

Apple Working On iOS 8.4, May Integrate Beats Music

Beats Music Preview

Apple certainly appears to be busy working on various iOS releases. Earlier today, they seeded iOS 8.3 beta to developers, which joins iOS 8.2 beta 5 as  At the same time, we heard they would have a renewed focus on stability and optimizations with iOS 9. Apparently, these aren't the only builds that are being worked on in Cupertino. Yet another iOS 8 build is in the works. … [Read more...]

iOS 9 To Focus On Stability, Optimization

iOS 9 logo

There's been a fair amount of discontent about the stability of Apple's recent software releases, both on the desktop and mobile. It now appears that perhaps those voices have been heard and changes to address those concerns will come when the company releases iOS 9 later this year, keeping up with the companies yearly release schedule. … [Read more...]

How I use an iPhone controlled thermostat for convenience and to save money

Nest app

In a matter of months, Apple's going to make a big play in the smart home market with the introduction of HomeKit. It should help simplify the setup and use of common smarthome products. For iPhone and iPad owners, the biggest advantage will be the ease of control, some of which can be done using Siri. It will allow users to group actions and have Siri execute them. "Hey Siri, lower the temperature to 75 degrees." That's the future and it's not far away. When considering devices that transform a traditional home to a smart home, the thermostat plays a key role. It's one of my most used devices in my smart home. Here's how I use it, how it's added a new level of convenience and helping us save money. I was one of the early adopters of … [Read more...]

8 Things You Need To Know About Apple’s Photos App for Mac

Photos for Mac OS X

Announced last year, Apple has released a developer preview of their new Photos app for Mac OS X. This is intended to be the next generation photos app for Mac, replacing both iPhoto and Aperture. Neither of those apps will be receiving updates. Apple hopes that its customers will rejoice at the release of Photos, a streamlined application that has heavy ties to iCloud. In advance of its public release, we've outlined some of the key things you should know about Photos for Mac and the eventual transition from iPhoto or Aperture. 1. It's fast! iPhoto is plenty of things, but one thing it's not is fast. In fact, with a fair amount of photos installed, it can be incredibly sluggish. A number of news outlets have had early previews of the … [Read more...]