New Mophie Juice Pack Cases for iPhone 6, 6 Plus Available for Pre-Order

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6

Though both new iPhones offer significant battery life improvements over their predecessors, there is always a huge demand for battery cases that extend battery life. Mophie has announced a new line of their popular Juice Pack cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Three new cases are coming that offer up to 120% of extra battery. … [Read more...]

AT&T To Let Customers Roll Over Unused Data

ATT Mobile Share

AT&T has announced they are bringing the popular roll over feature to customers who have a Mobile Share Value plan. With customers enjoying unlimited talk and text, the bigger concern has shifted to data usage. Up until now, if you were well under your data allocation, the unused portion would be lost at the end of the month. That however, is changing starting on January 25th. Any unused shareable plan data from a Mobile Share Value plan will be rolled over the the following month. … [Read more...]

Apple Store Now Offers SIM-Free Unlocked iPhone 6, 6 Plus In US

SIM-free iPhone 6

The Apple Store is now offering US customers the option to purchase unlocked, contract-free iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. From the initial launch, there had been an option to purchase unlocked iPhones that came packaged with T-Mobile SIM cards. The new iPhone ship SIM-free, making them ideal for use with any network including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint. … [Read more...]

Has Apple’s software quality declined?

Today marks the start of CES, the yearly consumer electronics show that features most every prominent electronics, computer and phone manufacturer. I say most, because Apple doesn't attend this show. In years past, despite not being in attendance, they've managed to disrupt the steady of stream of CES headlines, with news often breaking regarding real or rumored products. With CES 2014 kicking off today, Apple is once again grabbing headlines, but not for the reasons one would expect. Marco Arment, the accomplished developer behind Instapaper and now Overcast, published an article outlining his discontent with Apple's software quality, suggesting that marketing has become a higher priority. This has set into motion a media frenzy that has … [Read more...]

Master Class: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Messages App for iPhone


The Messages app on iPhone and iPad is one of the most useful applications for keeping in touch with friends, family and co-workers. By exploring the nuances of Apple's text messaging app, you can learn how maximize the usefulness. Neither iOS device comes with an extensive manual, but we can help fill the void. Below you'll find our easy to use guide to Messages. Think of it as a Master Class covering everything from the basics to advanced features. There is something for everyone in our ultimate guide to Messages. Whether you are looking to learn about every feature or need an answer to a specific question, you can find it quickly using our table of contents that links directly to a topic of interest. If you are new to iPhone or looking … [Read more...]

Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store Now Allow 14-Day Returns in Europe

Return policy

Apple now allows full refunds on iTunes and App Store purchases in select Eurpean countries. The only requirement is that you are within 14 days of the original purchase. The shift in policy affects the UK, German, Italy, France and others. Apple's previous policy offered very little in the way of flexibility and would require an exception made by Apple. For the most part, the policy meant all purchases were final. Under the new policy, there are sweeping changes to what now is a 14-day, no questions asked, return policy. The only exception are gift cards, which are not included. … [Read more...]

Apple TV: The Ultimate Guide

Apple TV Guide

The Apple TV is a fantastic media streaming box with a continuously updated library of new movies, channels and more importantly, your content. One thing it doesn't provide is an extensive manual, so we're hoping to fill in the blanks. Presented here is an easy to use guide to Apple TV. Whether you are looking to learn about every feature or need an answer to a specific question, you can find it quickly using our table of contents. So whether you're new to Apple TV or looking to find the answer to a specific question, the ultimate Apple TV guide has got you covered. How to setup your Apple TV automatically using an iPhone or iPad 7 Awesome Apple TV Remote Tips When and how to replace the battery in your remote How to use … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 8.2 Beta 2 To Developers

Apple today has pushed an over-the-air update to iOS 8.2. Beta 2 of the release has started to propagate to developers running iOS 8.2. The release is now available on Apple's Developer portal. The update is 67.3MB in total. Apple lists the release as containing bug fixes and improvements. The big news with iOS 8.2 is the introduction of support for the forthcoming Apple Watch. Developers have been given access to WatchKit, which allows for testing of Watch apps. The Apple Watch is expected in early 2015, though Apple has yet to provide any details as to a specific release date. You can discuss the latest iOS releases, including today's beta, in our forums. … [Read more...]

8 Great Chromecast Apps for iOS You Might Not Know About

Chromecast apps for iOS

Google's Chromecast has seen increased sales, both from Android and iOS users who found the diminutive streamer to be of incredible value. It retails for $35 and if you're lucky, you'll find it on sale for less than $25. To further bolster holiday sales, they are offering a $20 Google Play credit for Google TV and Movies. By plugging directly into a spare HDMI port on your TV, it's an incredibly easy way stream content. Instead of a traditional remote, Chromecast requires a tablet or smartphone. Casting is similar to AirPlay. You launch a compatible app (either on iOS or Android), tap the TV icon and you're streaming content from your smartphone to your TV. When it comes to content, there is an incredible amount of crossover when you look … [Read more...]