iTunes Connect Displaying Wrong Apps When Logged In

A major security issue is affecting iTunes Connect, the portal used by developers to manage their apps. The issue is widespread and it appears a good number of developers are not able to access their own apps. The portal allows developers to login, but once logged in, they are presented with an entirely different account. This of course presents unauthorized users with complete control over an account. As a developer, I logged in this morning and was granted access to an account responsible for apps from major magazine publishers. iTunes Connect has been shut down. If and when Apple provides a statement, we'll pass it along, along with any information as to when it will be available again. Developing... … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 8.1.3 Software Update

Apple has released iOS 8.1.3. The software update includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements including: Reduces the amount of storage required to perform a software update Fixes an issue that prevented some users from entering their Apple ID password for Messages and FaceTime Addresses an issue that caused Spotlight to stop displaying app results Fixes an issue which prevented multitasking gestures from working on iPad Adds new configuration options for educational standardized testing The update, which is only 247MB), is available OTA (over the air), but requires a WiFi connection to update. … [Read more...]

Best Free iPhone Apps for 2015

Best free iPhone apps 2015

There are a wealth of great free applications for the iPhone, but with the App Store offering hundreds of thousands of apps, selecting the cream of the crop can be a daunting task. We’ve scoured the App Store, bringing you the best from all categories. Every application you’ll find here was carefully selected and tested. Free apps still require time on your part and we value your time. Our goal with this article was simple. Provide our readers with a comprehensive list of the best free iPhone apps, bar none and then update it on a consistent basis. This year, we're adding a table of contents with categories, making it easier to find apps in a specific category. Also new this year is the Widgets category, a feature introduced with iOS 8. … [Read more...]

Best Free iPhone Apps 2015 Part 2

Best free iPhone apps 2015

Part two of our a comprehensive list of the best free iPhone apps (part 1 is here). We’ve scoured the App Store, bringing you the best from all categories. Every application you’ll find here was carefully selected and tested. Books Education and Learning Entertainment Finance Food Games Health and Fitness Kids Lifestyle Maps and Navigation News Photography Productivity Reference Social Networking Sports Shopping Travel Utilities Weather Widgets News Pocket A perennial part of Apple's essentials, this app acts as a DVR for articles you find online, but not have time to read. When you ‘pocket’ an article, it saves it for reading later. What’s more, Pocket will sync your saved articles … [Read more...]

How to restore your iPhone from an iCloud Backup

restore iPhone from iCloud

When you first set up your iPhone or iPad, you are encouraged to enable iCloud and offered the option to back up your data to Apple’s iCloud service. Before the advent of iCloud in iOS 5, backups took place locally on your Mac or PC, using iTunes. While still an option, there is no questioning the simplicity and ease of using iCloud. One of the main advantages is that your data is secure. Local backups can be problematic. I always encourage folks to have a backup strategy using a secondary hard drive, NAS or service like Crashplan, Backblaze or Carbonite. What happens if your hard drive crashes and you don't have a backup in place? Not only are your files gone, but you no longer have access to your iPhone backups. By using iCloud, that's no … [Read more...]

How To Restore iPhone To Factory Settings Without iTunes

restore factory settings iPhone

There are a number of reasons why you might want to restore your iPhone factory settings. If for some reason your iPhone isn’t working properly or maybe you are selling it, so that you can upgrade. If you have access to a Mac or PC, you can restore using iTunes, which we'll also cover in this guide. But when disaster strikes, not everyone has access to iTunes. If you are away from your computer, it’s very easy to restore your iPhone to factory settings. And when you do, you can easily restore to the last known backup using either iTunes or iCloud. Simply follow these steps. As a reminder, make sure that you have synced all of you data to your computer or to iCloud. A factory restore means that means all of your data and personal information … [Read more...]

Understanding the Reset Settings On Your iPhone or iPad

restore factory settings iPhone

In iOS, there are a number of reset options for your iPhone or iPad. They all function differently and there are different scenarios for why you might use one versus another. In this guide, we’ll present all of the reset settings on iPhone and iPad, what they do and when to use them. If you are having a problem with your iOS device, at times these can be a quick and easy fix. They are also helpful to know should you plan to sell or trade-in your iPhone. Updated for iOS 7 and iOS 8 Reset All Settings Erase All Content and Settings Reset Network Settings Reset Keyboard Dictionary Reset Home Screen Layout Reset Location and Privacy Reset All Settings This will reset all settings. This will not delete any data. If … [Read more...]

10 photo composition tips to improve your iPhone photography

iPhone photo composition

As an iPhone owner, you hold in your hand a phone that can produce beautiful photos. Having quick access to our phones, makes it easier than ever to capture moments or events without having to dig out our point & shoot or bulky DSLR. Take a moment to think about how photography has changed since 2008. It's really quite amazing. The iPhone's camera is both capable and meets the ever so important characteristic of the best camera being the one you have with you. While it meets all of the technical criteria for taking excellent pictures, taking truly great photos often depends on the one behind the lens. Ok, having an incredibly cute kid or pet does help, but what you do can transform good pictures into great. When you take a photo, you … [Read more...]

How to add or remove a card from Apple Pay

Pay with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a great and secure way to pay for goods and services. Ultimately, you are using a traditional credit or debit card to make a purchase. By using Apple Pay, you don't have to physically hand a stranger your card information and your full name. Payments made using the new service wirelessly transfers a unique Device Account Number specific to your iPhone, coupled with a transaction-specific dynamic security code. This information is used to process your payment.  In the past year or so, big retailers like Target and Home Depot have had data breaches. If you have a credit or debit card, it's not uncommon to have to be issued a new card from your bank due to security concerns. When this happens, you're left scrambling to update … [Read more...]